10 Deliciously Ella Recipes we all need to start making

Deliciously Ella a.k.a Ella Woodward´s Recipes are (literally) in the mouth of everyone currently. We are also craving to start cooking when we see the...

Streetviews – Strangers on a Junk Boat Cruise

The best way to spend a day meeting new friends, drinking refreshing seabreeze and getting a front row view of the sunset over the impressive city skyline – Junks. These traditional Chinese boats have been transformed into a party tradition throughout the year, day or night.

Guide to Lantau Peak and Pui O Beach

Lantau Peak is the second highest peak in Hong Kong, standing at a height of 934 metres (3,064 ft) above sea level. It forms part of the Lantau Trail and has become increasingly popular among hikers for its stunning sunrise views.

The 5 Best Kitchen Appliances You Must Buy Now

Always wondered which appliances to use best for cooking, baking and everything in between? Lifestyle Blogger Camilla Leung on the 5 best kitchen appliances you should be buying right now.

How does an Olympic diet look like? Dietitian Sally Shi-Po POON answers.

The Olympic games in Rio just started and every sports enthusiast is feeling the Olympic vibe. We started with our panda games quiz last Friday and today we...

Street Views – Sai Ying Pun

Sai Ying Pun. One of the oldest areas of Hong Kong. Once infamous for segregating the Europeans above High Street while the Chinese were excluded below, now a booming hub filled with a diverse collection of residents, bars, restaurants and cafes.

Last Week in Food – 04.07 – 10.07

Indulge in the second edition of everyone's favorite week in review

Streetviews – Soho

Follow foodpanda Magazine editor Kate Allen as she meets the locals in one of Hong Kong's most traditional city districts

Guide to Hong Kong – East Tsim Sha Tsui Edition

Tsim Sha Tsui is a popular place in Hong Kong, the name directly translating to sharp sand mouth in Cantonese.

The Last Week in Food – 27.06 – 03.07

The team at foodpanda Magazine chose their favorite daily foodie pic - check out what we selected over the week.

Superfood Friday – Spirulina and Chlorella

A diverse antioxidant, algae, or seaweed, has gained increasing popularity among Hong Kong health fans

Guide to Hong Kong – Jordan Edition

Hong Kong is like a healthy salad where a variety of ingredients are mixed together to get the colourful result. We have people from all around the world and Jordan is the place known to be home to majority of the Nepalese.

Superfood Friday – The amazing health benefits of turmeric powder

The powers of Turmeric Powder reach far beyond it's mere health benefits - a lesson in superfoods!

Guide to Hong Kong – Mui Wo Edition

Renowned for it’s endless lines of bicycles and alfresco fish restaurants, Mui Wo is the slightly kooky waterfront town centered around a bus depo and Silvermine Bay Beach

Spotlight Interview: Dandan Tong, Winner of the foodpanda Scholarship

Davide Pettenuzzo takes a moment to chat with Dandang Tong, winner of the foodpanda scholarship, to discuss how it feels to be the winner and the importance of hard work

Guide to Hong Kong – Discovery Bay Edition

Although there is no escaping the man-made, purpose built feel to Discovery Bay, the peninsula’s natural beauty shines through. Transforming the aptly named bay into somewhere calm and peaceful – the perfect island respite for busy Hongkongers.

Guide to Hong Kong – Happy Valley Edition

Made up almost entirely of the Jockey Club’s skyline-illuminating two race tracked stadium, Happy Valley is the gambling, horse-racing core of Hong Kong. It’s nestled between Wan Chai and Central and (just like everywhere else on Hong Kong Island) is similarly skyscraper-intensive.

Guide to Hong Kong – Mong Kok

Known as the “crowded corner” in Chinese, Mong Kok has been labeled the busiest district in the world by the Guinness World Records. A conglomeration of eclectic buildings, lights, sounds and stalls – it is one of the major shopping centres of Hong Kong.

Which Easter Egg are you?

Easter is coming and you have a few days off. Any ideas about what you are going to do? If you need help thinking of where to eat, take this little quiz that takes billions of pieces of complex psychological datum (well – six answers to multiple choice questions) and computes exactly which type of egg you are.

Guide to Hong Kong – Soho Edition

The multi-cultural heart of Hong Kong, Soho is a melting pot of food, drink, culture and people. Indicating the area south of Hollywood Road with the mid levels escalator running through it, Soho brings crowds to its hill-y streets daily.