Brunch in Hong Kong – Eating on a Budget

There’s just something about brunch that makes you feel so sophisticated and fancy, but also gives you the perfect excuse to lay in that little...

Editors Picks: La Rotisserie – 10 x Chicken Goodness

Lean Protein packed in a crispy skin, what can be more fulfilling as a healthy Chicken lunch? La Rotisserie, Hong Kong’s first traditional French Rotisserie...

F.A.B. – French American Bistro – Panda Peeks

F.A.B. – French American Bistro. A balance of taste French flavours with American classics Fancy reasonably priced French bistro style cuisine in Hong Kong? Then...

The 7 Best Places For Quiche in Hong Kong

Although it is widely assumed that quiche is a very old French dish, there are records of it being made in Medieval England and under the name 'Crustarde'. Explore the 7 best quiche restaurants in Hong Kong for the ultimate treat!

From Sweet To Savory: foodpanda Magazine Spots Hong Kong’s Best Crepes

Why not start the day off right with a plate of crepes? From sweet to savory, this post contains Hong Kong's best Crepe Restaurants - spotted by foodpanda

Metropolitain – Panda Peeks

Looking for friendly service and an enjoyable place to enjoy a hearty taste of France? Then look no further than French Creations latest venture, Metropolitain, nestled in the hip and trendy Sai Ying Pung.

Panda Peeks – Bistro Du Vin French Cuisine Review

Paris me manqué. As soon as I stepped inside Bistro Du Vin, I instantaneously was whisked back to my days spent in Paris last October. Bistro Du Vin to create the ambience reminiscent of the authentic Parisian bistros...

The Perfect Match – Food & Wine recommendations with Nicolas Deneux

Welcome to the first release of Panda Peek’s Food and Wine Pairing Series. The aim of this series is to recommend certain style of wines and alcoholic beverages that would pair well with particular dishes.

Panda Peeks – Atelier Vivanda

Atelier Vivanda is a contemporary french bistro specializing in meat and potatoes. Yup, you can pretty much expect nothing more than simply meat and potatoes at this joint (with the exception of a few mouth-watering desserts).

Panda Peeks – Flying Pig Bistro Hong Kong

Founded by Christopher Pryzemyski and Hong Kong-based artist Malcom Golding, Flying Pig Bistro offers quality European comfort food in a relaxed and casual dining setting.

Panda Peeks – Maureen

What makes Maureen so special is the extensive use of the sous vide style of cooking and her signature lo mein noodles. Believe me, they are like no other in Hong Kong. Previously, Maureen sold soup noodles but recently made the switch to a lo mein style of noodle (i.e. a dry style sort of noodle where there is no broth).

Which hangover food are you?

Pick a poison. Where does your hangover begin? I’d bond with anyone over a martini I am a professional beer-ponger When life throws you a...