Eat Like No Other – The Indecisive // Best Buffets in HK

Sometimes food can get a little overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, you may find yourself just wanting to order the entire menu...

Top of the Town – Where to Eat Pho in Hong Kong

Looking for something light to eat on scorching summer days? This Vietnamese staple goody is your best bet and it’s an easy bowl to fall...

Brunch in Hong Kong – Eating on a Budget

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10 Spooktacular Movies + Food Pairings for Halloween #TrickorEat

Halloween. The time of the year that makes a common sighting to see a walking banana texting next to you in MTR, some mash up...

Streetviews – People of Hong Kong Central

Bankers and lawyers come to flourish in Central, which is, as rightly named, is the business central of Hong Kong. Once you’ve had your share...

Editors Picks: 10 Meals We Love To Order At Butcher and Baker

Castello Concepts Butcher and Baker is well known for their amazing selections of meat as well as their homemade sausages and beautiful interior design. We walk you through our favorite dishes that will match any taste, even a Veggie will fall in love with Butcher and Baker Hong Kong.

Aberdeen Street Review – Panda Peeks

Not to be confused with the neighbouring Aberdeen Street Social, located in SoHo, tucked between Staunton Street and Caine Road you will find Aberdeen Street,...

Editors Picks: The Foods We Love At Sohofama

Sohofama – An oasis in Soho with fresh ingredients, a twist on Chinese traditional food and a super cosy athmosphere. Team foodpanda and the Editorial...

Sichuan Food in Hong Kong – Top Of The Town

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Top of the Town: 3 Tapas dishes you must try!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand that choosing which dish you want for dinner is probably the hardest decision you will ever make. The...

Streetviews – Strangers on a Junk Boat Cruise

The best way to spend a day meeting new friends, drinking refreshing seabreeze and getting a front row view of the sunset over the impressive city skyline – Junks. These traditional Chinese boats have been transformed into a party tradition throughout the year, day or night.

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