Wah Fung – Panda Peeks

Rhythmic chopping on wooden boards, waiters bellowing numbers, downpour chatter of office-working patrons… Lunch hour in Central is a sped up music video. The lady led the...

Afternoon Tea in Hong Kong – On a Budget

Traditionally a British pastime, afternoon tea consisted of a cup of tea, bread and butter and a piece of cake. Anna, the seventh Duchess of...

Where to get the best Pork Belly dishes in Hong Kong

Roasted pork belly that locks in flavours makes it the perfect component that can go with pretty much anything. These tender and succulent delights are...

Eating On a Budget: Hong Kong Street Food

If you’re looking to experience the true authentic flavours of Hong Kong you don’t need to spend much at all. In fact it might possibly be the cheapest meal you have in the city.

10 x Dim Sum foodporn at Ding Dim 1968

Ding Dim 1968, located in Wai Yuen Building, 12-14 Elgin St is famous for their amazing Dim Sum. We collected the créme de la créme...

The Best Wagyu Dishes For Meatlovers

Intensely marbled and loved for it's often highest-quality origin, Wagyu Steak is among the finest meats around. foodpanda Magazine has scoured Hong Kong's Restaurants to find the 14 best!

10 Cheese Dishes in HK That’ll Make Your Mouth Water

How much cheese is enough cheese? foodpanda Magazine thinks never, and in this articles explores the top 10 choices for the best cheese restaurant in the city

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Panda Peeks – Boomshack Hong Kong

Among the most popular Fast Food Restaurants in Hong Kong, Boomshack has earned a reputation for delicious chicken waffles, desserts and drinks. Read our review of this American classic here!

Last Week in Food – 04.07 – 10.07

Indulge in the second edition of everyone's favorite week in review

Top of the Town – 3 Best Places for Kimchi in Hong Kong

The pot of tempting red soup is filled with flavours from kimchi, tofu, enoki, turnip, cabbages, green onions and pork. Kimchi as we know is a fermented Korean side dish, a well-known Korean tradition.

Top of the Town – Ramen in Hong Kong

Whatever your preferences, we can all agree that a perfect ramen consists of three elements: a perfectly made and cohesive broth, a soft and silky Japanese boiled egg, and some crunchy and fresh toppings to add layers and texture of flavors.

Top of the town: 3 best grilled chicken you must try

Beat the crowd as Editor Azure Lorraine guides you to Hong Kong's finest chicken dishes