8 Classic Movies + Food Pairings for Christmas!

8 Classic Movies + Food Pairings for Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! This is the season for food, family, and friends. There is no better time than to cuddle up with a good classic Christmas movie at home with great, warm food.

Here are our top picks:

1. Home Alone

Pair it with: Pizza

jacomax pizza christmas

No one has ever ordered a pizza as creatively as the cutest prankster kid, Kevin McCallister. Order some pizza for yourself from Jacomax, but please be nice to our riders!


2. Love Actually

Pair it with: Sushi

Christmas Love Actually


So many timelines. So many ingredients. So many characters. Just like our favourite sushi!
Get a platter from Itacho Sushi and share it with your loved ones while sobbing and smiling over this classic.


3. Nightmare Before Christmas

Pair it with: Roasted Pumpkin

jack skellington

roasted pumpkin christmas

Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King who discovered the joys of Christmas. You too can love your pumpkin and be in tune with the season. Order yourself a roasted pumpkin with almonds from Nosh!


4. Polar Express

Pair it with: Ice Cream

christmas polar express

happy cow christmas

I remember being wide-eyed when the Polar Express pulled up… on my screen. No snow? No problem. Order yourself some sweet vanilla ice cream from Milk Cow.


5. A Christmas Carol

Pair it with: A Burger

A Christmas Carol


The Scrooge was greedy, but who can blame him when there’s so much good food in the world! But it is still alright to indulge in a while. We promise we won’t tell. Give in to the burger from Jaspas.


6. Merry Christmas Mr Bean

Pair it with: Peri-Peri Chicken

falming frango peri peri chicken christmas

Remember the classic moment when Mr Bean tries to cook a Turkey for Christmas but got his head stuck in it? As much as we love our classic Bean, don’t be a Bean! Order in some chicken from Peri-Peri Chicken from Flaming Frango and save your Christmas party.


7. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Pair it with: Green All Day Breakfast



He’s green and grumpy. But your breakfast can be green and healthy. Wake up to the smells of a beautiful breakfast from HABITU table.


8. Elf

Pair it with: Pidezza


medoven christmas

The elf may be the tall awkward one among the bunch but he is kind and loveable all the same! The elf would appreciate some Pidezza from MedOven.


Merry Christmas from all of us at foodpanda!


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