10 delectable Biryani restaurants in Hong Kong

10 delectable Biryani restaurants in Hong Kong

Originating in South Asia, Biryani is a delicious dish featuring mixed rice and vegetables. Meat and yoghurt can also be added, along with extras such as salad and chutney. Hong Kong is an absolutely brilliant place to order a Biryani, with restaurants like Tulsi Indian Restaurant, Bombay Dreams and Gaylord Indian Restaurant all providing this dish. The other seven restaurants we are going to discuss here include The Great Indian Kebab Factory, Asra Indian Restaurant, Indian Spices, Asra Indian Restaurant, Guru by Himalaya, Spice 8, Ganga’s and Indian Curry Express.

The most popular Biryani dishes in Hong Kong

At Indian Curry Express, you can grab a wide range of Biryani dishes including Biryani with curry sauce and salad, Veg Biryani, Fish Biryani, Prawn Biryani, Chicken Biryani. These range between $60 and $85 in price, with the vegetarian option being the cheapest. Head on over to Spice 8, and the prices are similar. The mutton Biryani is one of the most popular dishes on the whole menu and a shrimp Biryani is also available. At Tulsi Indian restaurant, a traditional Hydrabadi Biryani is on the menu and diners can choose from meat, vegetables or eggs. This is pricier at around $94 but it is totally filling and satisfying and perfect for a simple business lunch. Keen for a meaty Biryani to enjoy with all the family?

Tulsi Indian Restaurant

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Bombay Dreams is a great choice of restaurant: you can choose between vegetable, mutton, beef or prawn Biryani, so all diners will be able to get the flavour that they desire. If you wish to impress someone on a date or as part of an executive lunch, the classy Biryani dishes at The Great Indian Kebab Factory are sure to please. These are priced at around $120 each and guests can select shrimp, lamb or chicken Biryani, or plump for a classic Hyderbadi Murg Dum Biryani or Tarkari Ki Biryani.

The most popular dishes at Asra Indian Restaurant include Dum Biryani, chicken Biryani and a veggie Biryani, whilst at Ganga’s the Biryani dishes are served up using the restaurant’s famous saffron rice. Choose from a vegetable Biryani, or the shrimp, chicken and lamb options – these are priced between $88 and $185, with the vegetable option being the cheapest. Chicken, fish, lamb, prawn and vegetarian Biryani dishes are all on offer at Indian Spices with an average price of around $110 each. Guru by Himalaya is a fabulous spot to order a quick and simple Biryani for lunch – choose prawn, chicken, mutton or vegetable varieties for around $85 each. Finally, all these varieties of Biryani are also available at Gaylord Indian Restaurant for an average of $100. Biryanis are also available at this restaurant as part of set banquet style meals – ideal for a lavish feast on a special occasion such as a birthday or a business conference with international colleagues.

Hong Kong is a fantastic city for a Biryani

Blending a variety of different flavours, a Biryani is a complete meal all in one. Complement your Biryani with yoghurt, chutneys, salad, breads and more for a real taste sensation. These 10 restaurants will all provide you with an amazing Biryani experience, whether you want to impress your in laws or business contacts with a classy meal, or whether you just want to satisfy those hunger cravings in the middle of the day.☺

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