10 Congee Restaurants in Hong Kong That’ll Satisfy Your Cravings

10 Congee Restaurants in Hong Kong That’ll Satisfy Your Cravings

Congee has long been a popular pick for diners in Hong Kong, celebrated as a go-to comfort food with healthy-boosting benefits. Today, this delicious rice porridge dish is as popular as ever and can be found everywhere from street food stalls and markets, to the most high-brow restaurants in the city. Whether you’re new to the city and in search of new places to feast on delicious congee, or are a congee connoisseur looking for more mouth-watering variations to try, you’ll love our pick of ten of the best restaurants and eateries in Hong Kong serving up these Cantonese staple.

1 Savoury Congee @ Hong Kong Noodle & Congee Cafe

Savoury Congee in Wan Chai | foodpanda Magazine

Looking for chicken congee on the north shore? Hong Kong Noodle & Congee Cafe in Wan Chai is a must for anyone looking to sample some of HK’s most iconic dishes. If you’re a fan of big, savoury flavours, we recommend the Chinese Mushroom and Chicken Congee. Once you’ve sampled this house special, there’s plenty more to discover, with dozens of mouth-watering options on offer.

Address: 218 Jaffe Rd, Hongkong
Contact: 852-28774489
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2 New Taste Sensations @ Dim Sum Bar

Pork Congee | foodpanda Magazine

Dim Sum Bar in the TST district of the city has a menu loaded with Hong Kong famous food. There’s plenty of quick and easy dishes to choose from, but if you’re looking for something a little special, give the Sliced Pork Congee with Preserved Egg and Pickled Mustard Greens a try for a complete meal with plenty of flavour.

Address: Hongkong, Tsim Sha Tsui 廣東道17號海港城港威商場GW G103舖
Contact: +852 2175 3100
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3 Veggie Friendly Options @ Gaia Veggie Shop

Sweet Corn Congee | foodpanda Magazine

Not everyone’s a meat eater, but there’s plenty on offer for herbivores at Gaia Veggie Shop. Serving up everything from veggie-friendly starters and soups, to terrific twists on meaty favourites, it’s the Sweet Corn and Bean Curd Congee that really impressed us. Perfect if you’re looking for a lean breakfast in Hong Kong.

Address: Shop No.335, 3/F, Pioneer Centre, 750 Nathan Rd, Prince Edward, Hongkong
Contact: +852 2148 1163
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4 Spectacular Seafood Dishes @ Chiu Chow Seafood

Fish Congee | foodpanda Magazine

If you’re a fish lover who enjoys their congee dishes, you’ve the best of both worlds at Chiu Chow Seafood in Mong Kok. With great prices, dishes made fresh to order and an incredible selection of unique recipes on offer, you’re spoiled for choice.

Address: 32 Bonham Strand West | Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Contact: 852-28506666
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5 Hong Kong Street Food Favourites @ Wong Chi Kei

Chinese Rice Porridge | foodpanda Magazine

You’ll find Wong Chi Kei tucked away in Causeaway Bay, and it’s definitely worth seeking out. Discover a bountiful menu of comfort food favourites, with plenty of porridge rice recipes tailored to all tastes and appetites. Quick services and great prices make this a must.

Address: Secure Building,10-12 Stanley St,Central,Hongkong
Contact: +852 2869 1331
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6 Dine in Style @ Ho Hung Kee

Chicken Congee | foodpanda Magazine

Looking for the best congee in Hong Kong? Ho Hung Kee boasts an award-winning menu that might just fit the bill. This premium restaurant offers up an extensive selection of porridge rice, but it was the abaolone, shredded pork and chicken congee that caught our eye and sent our taste buds into overload.

Address: 12th Floor,Hysan Place,500 Hennessy Rd,Causeway Bay, Hongkong
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7 Delicious Healthy Eating @ Paramita Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian Congee | foodpanda Magazine

Congee has long been heralded for its health-boosting qualities. At Paramita Vegetarian Restaurant, you’ll find a range of dishes designed to alleviate fever, improve intestinal health and give your immune system a much needed pick-me-up. Wholly natural ingredients and great prices make this a must-try.

Address: Bowa House,180 Nathan Rd,Hongkong
Contact: +852 2736 3939
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8 Poached Chicken Perfection @ Lin Hung Kui

Chicken Porridge | foodpanda Magazine

Lin Hung Kui is a must for anyone looking to sample the best pick of Cantonese cuisine. If you’re in the market for congee dishes, we recommend seeking out a meatier option. This place is famed for its poach chicken, so team this up with your porridge rice for a magnificent main.

Address: Western Centre,46-50 Des Voeux Rd W,Sheung Wan,Hongkong
Contact: +852 2156 9328
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9 The Best Choice for Breakfast @ Lin Heung Tea House

Rice Porridge | foodpanda Magazine

It’s not hard to see why Lin Heung Tea House has earned so much praise over the years. This award-winning eatery in central Hong Kong has plenty to choose from. With various lighter options for breakfast, brunch and lunch. If you’re looking for something really special, we recommend pairing up the famous stuffed duck with your rice porridge portions.

Address: Tsang Chiu Ho Building,160 Wellington St,Sheung Wan,Hongkong
Contact: +852 2544 4556
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10 Cantonese Cooking at its Finest @ Ser Wong Fun

Korean Porridge | foodpanda Magazine

Another must-try eatery in the heart of Hong Kong, Ser Wong Fun specialises in handmade delicacies made fresh to order. If you can avoid the temptation of the delicious soups and stir-fried dishes, delve into the congee selection, loaded with Chinese vegetables and herbs for authentic, homegrown flavours.

Address: 30 Cochrane St,Hongkong
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Now you’re feeling inspired, it’s time to get out and explore Hong Kong’s world-famous culinary scene. Here at foodpanda Magazine, we’re always on the hunt for more must-try establishments and food experiences, so keep checking back regularly for more essential ideas and recommendations on the finest feasts in town. Need a little more inspiration? Try our Panda Peeks restaurant reviews, or browse our Top of the Town section for premium picks of the best food around. Staying at home craving Congee? Try our Congee delivery!

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