10 Questions For Your New Year Reflection

10 Questions For Your New Year Reflection

Another year has come and nearly gone. 2016 is only a few hours away. In this post-Christmas, pre-new year interlude, it’s time for the annual brain-storming of your New Year’s Resolutions. Is your inner, sensible self telling you to make your first resolution to stick to this year’s resolutions? In 2016, maybe you want to go on a spiritual, soul awakening journey. Maybe you want to go to the gym more often, or pick up that Cantonese phrasebook you bought last year and master the art of canto slang. You might also look back on your last year’s failed tries and copy them all onto this year’s wish list. We have all been in the same boat. But before you unrealistically pledge away all the things you secretly enjoy, we should look back on the past year. The turning of a new year is, after all, a perfect symbolic time to look back on what we have achieved and plan what we can still improve upon. Treat it like a warm up before a heart-pumping workout: It’s essential!


Here are 10 questions to help you reflect on the good, bad and ugly of 2015:

  1. Which 3 words would you pick to describe 2015?
  2. What are some of your last year resolutions you fulfilled in the past 12 months? What are they? (If you didn’t manage to fulfill any, why not?)
  3. What was the single best thing that happened this past year? (Did you enter a new harmonious relationship? Did you win an award or competition? Did you finally complete the course you enrolled on?)
  4. What was the single most challenging thing/ obstacle that happened in 2015 and how did you overcome it?
  5. What was your biggest personal change? (Did you have a career switch? Did you decide to go back to school? Did you decide to nurture your spiritual needs and go on a trip of Eat, Pray, Love?)
  6. What did you accomplish in 2015 that you are most proud of? Make a list of wins and achievements. (Did you learn a new language? Did you master Photoshop skills? Did you become a religiously tree hugging yogi? Did you get a promotion? Did life teach you a lesson that gave you an epiphany?)
  7. What are you most grateful for this past year?
  8. What was the greatest, kindest act you performed this year? (Did you help an old lady crossing the road? Did you volunteer at a charity organization?)
  9. What is one thing you will keep from 2015?
  10. What is one thing you will let go of from 2015?

Now that you are reflected, you can share notes with your friend, and use the information you wrote to prepare your 2016 resolution list. In the next post, we will look at how we can stick to those goals and welcome 2016 like a champ!

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