Divine Salmon Dishes For Hong Kong Gourmets

Divine Salmon Dishes For Hong Kong Gourmets

If you’re looking for delicious salmon recipes in Hong Kong, you’ve come to the right place. Our team have brought together their expertise to give you a spectacular shortlist of some of the finest fish dishes you’ll find anywhere in town. From meaty salmon steaks topped with amazing crusts and smothered in sauces, to lighter salads and more delicate plates of salmon and veggies, there’s no shortage of options.

Browse through ten of the best options in Hong. Whether you like it grilled, baked or fried, we’re confident you’ll find something to appease any appetite. Discover something new from your favourite menu, or uncover a quality restaurant on your doorstep. Whether you’re planning on venturing out and enjoying a candlelight dinner, or are looking for magnificent new menus to order in and dine at home, our breakdown of ten of the best is a great place to get started.

1 Eggs Benedict @ Ollie’s

Ollie's | foodpanda MagazineSource

Heading to Ollie’s? Try the Eggs Benedict, with poached eggs served up on English muffins, served up with a side of salmon and Hollandaise sauce. You’ll also want to make room for another special, Corn Fritters with Smoked Salmon.

Address: 56 High St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2803 0163
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2 Trancio Di Salmone Al Forno @ Grappa’s Cellar

Grappa's Cellar | foodpanda MagazineSource

There’s tons of Italian favourites to enjoy at Grappa’s Cellar. Try their Trancia Di Salmone Al Forna for a sauteed fish fillet served up with sundried tomatoes, pine nuts and spinach. Looking for something lighter? How about their Ceplli d Angelo al Salmone, one of their signature fillet recipes, served up with red onions, capers and dill.

Address: 1 Connaught Pl, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2521 2322
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3 Salmon Sashimi @ Window Kitchen

Window Kitchen | foodpanda MagazineSource

Prefer Japanese dishes? Try the delicious Sashimi with Crab Roe and Rice at Window Kitchen, or dine on Salmon and Scallop Sashimi for something a little different.

Address: Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2735 4228
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4 Baked Rice with Salmon, Scallops and Avocado @ The Spaghetti House

The Spaghetti House | foodpanda MagazineSource

There’s plenty of fresh flavours at work in this delicious baked salmon special, with extra servings of scallops and avocado, plus a light layer of Parmesan cheese. Authentic Italian food doesn’t get much better than this.

Address: 57 Peking Road, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2367 1683
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5 Grilled Salmon Fillet @ Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse | foodpanda MagazineSource

A quick and easy dish from the good people at Outback Steakhouse, this Grilled Salmon Fillet is a healthier choose for fans of seafood who don’t want to be burdened with extra calories.

Address: 22 Paterson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2881 8012
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6 Salmon Teriyaki Don @ Don Buri Kings

Don Buri Kings | foodpanda MagazineSource

Head to Don Buri Kings for delicious Japanese twists on your favourite salmon recipes. Try the Teriyaki steak recipe, served up with spring onions and pepper, or opt for Chirashi Don for something lighter and leaner.

Address: 33 Hillier St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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7 Roasted Salmon with Veggies @ NOSH by Secret Ingredient

NOSH by Secret Ingredient | foodpanda MagazineSource

It’s all about super foods and healthier options here. Try the roasted salmon with soba noodles and broccoli, or dine on the quinoa bowl with mixed greens and edamame, topped with plenty of delicious salmon.

Address: 23 Mosque St, Mid-level, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2388 1999
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8 Norwegian Smoked Salmon @ Oliver’s Super Sandwiches

Oliver's Super Sandwiches | foodpanda MagazineSource

There’s plenty to get excited about at Oliver’s. Looking for a pasta recipe? Try their Norwegian salmon with clams and linguine, served up in a creamy dill sauce. Hungry for a salad? Try their Norwegian salmon Caesar. Hankering after a sandwich? Their house special comes with a generous portion of smoked fish and egg salad, lightly toasted in panini bread.

Address: Festival Walk, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2866 8707
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9 Salmon Sous Vide @ Maureen

Maureen | foodpanda MagazineSource

Looking for French twists on your seafood favourites? Head to Maureen and try their Salmon Sous Vide Canto Style. Bursting with big flavours and beautifully prepared ingredients, it’s the perfect choice for an extra special dinner.

Address: 11 Hing Wan Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2915 2261
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10 Salmon Specialties @ Mo Bros

Mo Bros | foodpanda MagazineSource

There’s plenty to try at Mo Bros. Keep it simple with their classic salmon steak recipe, served up with butter, lemon and grilled veggies. Looking for a great pasta recipe? Their smoked salmon pasta comes with cherry tomatoes, parsley and garlic, tossed in a light cream sauce with a side serving of rocket lettuce and a light dusting of Parmesan cheese.

Address: 16 Elgin St, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2525 5770
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Feeling inspired? Why not order in a plate of baked salmon or indulge your senses with a smoked salmon sandwich today. Order from any of the eateries above with just the click of a button, or browse dozens more mouth-watering menus online with foodpanda. We’re the premium food ordering app in Hong Kong, bringing diners more choice than ever before.

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