15 Delicious Hummus Dishes Not Only Vegetarians Will Love

15 Delicious Hummus Dishes Not Only Vegetarians Will Love

Pretty much everybody agrees that hummus is delicious, but there’s plenty of variations on this popular dip to keep diners surprised. If you’re looking for delicious twists on the popular dip, you’ve come to the right place.

Our expert team have browsed through countless restaurant menus across the city, bringing you a sneak peak into some of the best dining destinations around. Below, we’ve broken down 15 of the best dishes to try for fans of this delicious dip to try.

1 Salad Wrap with Hummus Dip @ The Herbivores

The Herbivores | foodpanda Magazine

Veggie-friendly and offering an endless selection of healthy cuisine, The Herbivores in central Hong Kong is a better choice for a lighter lunch or early dinner. Try their Salad Wrap with Hummus Dip when you’re watching the calories, served up with chickpeas, rocket and mixed greens.

Address:  Hong kong, Central, Staunton St, 35號ground Floor, No.
Contact: +852 2613 2909
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2 Hummus Tahini @ Bagoes

Bagoes | foodpanda Magazine

If you’ve been searching around the Tai Kok Tsui district for delicious hummus recipes, make sure you pencil in some time for a visit to Bagoes. There’s plenty of light lunch options and baked fancies on offer here, but we recommend the Veggie Sticks, served up with bagel chips and a delicious hummus tahini.

Address: Unit 12B, Splendid Centre, 100 Larch Street, Tai Kok Tsui
Contact: +852 5334 0188
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3 Salad Pitta & Hummus @ Ebeneezers

Ebeneezers | foodpanda Magazine

Sometimes, it’s an easy hummus recipe we all crave. Try Ebeneezers in Wan Chai for fuss-free food from all types of cuisine. If you’re appetite isn’t big enough for a pizza or curry, why not grave a simple Salad Pitta, served up with a side of everyone’s favourite spread.

Address: Hong kong, 屯門黃金海岸商場地下11-12號舖
Contact: +852 2441 4006
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4 Double Meze Platter @ Istanbul Turkish Kebabs & Grills

Istanbul Turkish Kebabs & Grills | foodpanda Magazine

A Turkish hummus recipe always impresses. There’s no store-bought hummus brands at Istanbul Turkish Kebabs & Grills, just authentic food made fresh to order. You’ll find this incredible restaurant in the Wan Chai district, with delivery to nearby neighbourhoods around the clock. There’s plenty on the menu that’s ripe for sharing, so why not go for the Double Meze Platter with free lava bread to match the biggest of appetites.

Address: Hong kong, 灣仔177-179 Wanchai Road, G/F, Shop No.3, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island
Contact: +852 2573 9101
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5 Hummus-Kale Wrap @ Tallore

Tailore | foodpanda Magazine

Another must-try menu in Wan Chai, Tallore offers a healthier selection of dishes for those watching their waistline or looking to cut out the carbs and calories. Try their kale wrap served up with red onions, avocado, cucumber and hummus dip for a guilt-free dinner or lunch.

Address: 7-17 Amoy Street, Wan Chai, Hong kong
Contact: +852 2327 8630
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6 Hummus Tahini Dip @ Beyrouth Bistro

Hummus Tahini Dip | foodpanda MagazineSource

The Beyrouth Bistro in central Hong Kong has plenty of western inspired favourites to whet your appetites. Pick the perfect partner to any hummus recipe and try their famous lamb served with the popular hummus tahini dip on the side.

Address: Lyndhurst Building, 23-39 Lyndhurst Terrace, Hong kong
Contact: +852 2480 5338
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7 Mediterranean Dips Platter @ Scirocco

Scirocco | foodpanda MagazineSource

You’ll find Scirocco in the heart of Soho, serving up an epic selection of Italian favourites. Try their Mediterranean Dips Platter for a sample of plenty of awesome edibles and all your favourite spreads and dips. Perfect for sharing.

Address: 10-12 Staunton St, Hong kong
Contact: +852 2973 6605
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8 Hummus Tahini Spread @ Beirut Restaurant & Bar

Beirut Restaurant | foodpanda MagazineSource

The Beirut Restaurant & Bar in central Hong Kong offers a Halal menu packed with popular dishes. Their slow-cooked lamb served up with a tangy hummus tahini spread is perfect for getting your chickpea fix and is big on flavour.

Address: 1/F, Block A, Winner Building, 27-39 D’Aguilar Street,, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong kong
Contact: +852 2804 6611
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9 Hummus Dip @ Kebab and Curry

Kebab and Curry | foodpanda MagazineSource

Dine on delicious hummus dip in Tsim Sha Tsui with the Kebab and Curry menu. This extensive menu offers plenty to get excited about, when try their Pita and Salad with an easy hummus recipe on the side for quick lunches.

Address: Shop KP-39A, Star Ferry Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui
Contact: 2367 0908
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10 Classic Hummus @ MANA! Fast Slow Food

MANA! Fast Slow Food | foodpanda MagazineSource

Offering a great value menu, MANA! Fast Slow Food should be high on your list of menus to try in Hong Kong. Their Mana! Bliss special boasts a delicious mixture of a classic hummus recipe, with cucumber, spinach and avocado.

Address: 92 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2851 1611
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11 Chickpea Dip @ Awtar

Awtar | foodpanda MagazineSource                                                            

Awtar in central Soho has plenty to get whet your appetite. Their delicious twist on the popular chickpea dip has a fiery burst of spicy peppers, making it a must-try for those who like their food hot.

Address: 23 Staunton St, Hong kong
Contact: +852 2530 5900
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12 Mezze Platter @ Portobello

Portobello | foodpanda Magazine

Can’t quite decide on what to order? Try the Mezze Platter from Portobello for a sampling of all your favourites, with plenty of your favourite dip on the side.

Address: Hong kong, 中環蘇豪士丹頓街9號地下
Contact: +852 2523 8999
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13 & 14 Traditional Greek Salad with Chickpea Dip & Triple Mezze Platter @ Ebeneezer

Waffling Beans | foodpanda Magazine
Ebeneezer Kebab’s and Pizzeria has a huge selection of authentic Greek dishes to try, but their traditional Greek Salad with falafels and chickpea dip should be high on your agenda. In the mood for sharing? Try their Triple Meze Platter instead.

Address: G/F, 24 Hollywood, Central, Hong kong
Contact: +852 2973 0081
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15 Chickpea-based Spread @ Waffling Beans

Waffling Beans | foodpanda Magazine

Keep it simple when you order in from Waffling Beans, with a pot of your favourite chickpea-based spread, served up with a selection of warm bread for dipping.

Address: New Fortune House, North St, Kennedy Town, Hong kong
Contact: +852 2855 8890
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With the popular food dip going from strength to strength, make sure you keep with the best places to order in with foodpanda Magazine. We’re constantly adding new Panda Peeks reviews of newly opened restaurants and established eateries, bringing diners more choice than ever. Need a little more inspiration? Try our Top of the Town section to find the best hummus spots across Hong Kong.

Article Written By Team foodpanda

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