15 Heavenly Plates to try at The Diner

15 Heavenly Plates to try at The Diner

The Diner is a place where your fast food dreams come true. The raddest burgers, nachos and sandwiches are waiting for you. Need more inspiration on what to order at the Diner?
Find below our recommendations from people who have already been and took a shot.

The Mac Daddy Burger

The Gobbler Burger

The Dirty Texan Burger at The Diner

The Superfood Salad with Salmon

The Sirloin Steak

The Blueberry Pancakes

#cravings #pancakes #foodporn @munchhk ❤️👍 #yummy!!! Exactly what i wanted after a long hike!!!

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The English Breakfast

The best way to end a Sunday.

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The Skirt Burger a.k.a. The Cheese Monster

The Buffalo Wings

The Eggs Santa Fe with pulled pork

The Southern Fried Chicken Burger

The Jalapeno Mac and Cheese Bites

The Badboy Freakshake

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Bacon Chutney

The Pulled Pork Nachos

Hungry now? Check out The Diner at G/F, 4-8 ARBUTHNOT ROAD CENTRAL or have it delivered to your home or office!

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