8 Burgers In Hong Kong For The Ultimate Feast

8 Burgers In Hong Kong For The Ultimate Feast

Speedy, tasty, and delicious, there’s very few dishes that fit this bill, but Hamburgers are definitely one of the best. An American invention, a ground beef pattie in a bread bun became a classic as soon as it was invented around the end of the 19th century. Designed for eating on the move, since then, this tasty fast food has been reinvented many times and in many ways. So take a look at the best 23 places in Hong Kong, and you’ll never be short of the right burger joint for the right event again.

1 Chicken BBQ Burgers @ The Chop House

The Chop House | foodpanda Magazine

At the no nonsense Chop House they have a great burger patty recipe which goes into their three most popular, which are: Delicious Ham and Cheese which is a lush cheeseburger made with Gruyere. Or try the Chicken BBQ Burger with a smoky spicy sauce, while the ‘Aussie Burger’ is succulent and sweet, due to a slab of tasty beetroot along with the salad.

Address: 3/F, 1 Tang Lung St, Causeway Bay, Hong kong
Contact:  +852 2771 3177
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2 The Dime Burgers @ The Diner

The Diner | foodpanda Magazine

The Diner has a wide range of American diner style food including their three top beef burger recipe choices, which are: The Penny Burger which has a juicy 60z beef burger which is for the super hungry, while the Nickel Burger has American style cheese, and The Dime Burger has fries, coleslaw and dill pickles for extra tang.

Address:  G/F, 4-8 Arbuthnot Road, Central, Hong Kong
Contact:  +852 2562 3181
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3 Le Philibert Chicken Burgers @ Big Fernand

big fernand chicken burger


At French influenced Big Fernand they do a range of European style, burger recipes, which are very popular, here’s three of them: Le Big Fernand has tomme de savoie cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, parsley and Tata Fernand sauce, Le Bartholomé has raclette de savoir cheese and caramelised onions, while Le Philibert is a chicken burger with tarragon and grilled peppers. All three are great for a party night when you want something special.

Address: Shop 2017, 2/F, ifc Mall,, International Finance Centre Mall & Airport Express Hong Kong Station, 8 Finance St, Central, Hong kong
Contact: +852 6650 0580
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4 The Vintage Burgers @ Boomshack

boomshack vintage burger


At Boomshack they serve a old fashioned style burger The Vintage on potato bread, delicious!

Address: Shop B, 8-12 Wo On Ln, Central, Hong kong
Contact: +852 2660 5977
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5 BBQ Chicken Burgers @ Caliburger

caliburger burgers


At Caliburger they serve the classic fast, short order cooked all American burgers, and here’s their three top ones: The Cali Double is a substantial, double pattie, while the BBQ Chicken burger is made from tasty chicken for a lighter taste. The ‘Wyndham’ comes with fries and a soda included for a value meal anytime.

Address: 68 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong kong
Contact: +852 2420 4888
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6 Classic American Cheese Burgers @ Wilbur’s

wilburs cheeseburger


On Wilbur’s hamburger menu, they serve classic American style burgers and a satisfied feel is guaranteed. Try one of these three favourites: The classic American Cheese Burger is tasty, or perhaps the Mexican Chili Burger, which has spicy chilli inside too. Or try the, ‘Thai Chicken and Chorizo Burger’, or, ‘Pulled Pork BBQ Sauce Nudie Burger’ for a totally different taste sensation.

Address: 27 Wyndham St, Central, Hong kong
Contact: +852 2525 1439
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7 Hoola Gal Wasabi Burger @ The Burger Shop by Shake ‘Em Buns

burgers shake em buns


At Shake ‘Em Buns it’s all about fun eating, and they have some tasty choices just waiting for a Saturday night party, try: The Other Woman has smoky bacon and garlic mayo, while Trailor Trash is classic with mustard, Pappa’s Magic Mushroom has mushrooms, and Hoola Gal has Wasabi for a hot hit.

Address: Hong kong, 中環威靈頓街76號地下
Contact: +852 2810 5533
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8 The Rich Man´s Burger @ Frites Belgium On Tap

rich mans burger frites


Last of all, the Rich Man’s Burger and The Rich Hippie Burger are the best hamburgers at Frites.

Address: Shop 6, Brim 28, 1/F, Causeway Centre, 28 Harbour Road, Wan Chai
Contact: +852 2877 2422
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Enjoy Hong Kong’s most delicious burger dishes

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