5 Chinese recipes to warm up the season

5 Chinese recipes to warm up the season

We can’t wait for Spring to arrive but until then, we will have to battle the hot/cold mania that comes with the season change. Warm up your hearts and your bellies with these 5 awesome Chinese recipes!

Fish and Century Egg Congee

Feeling under the weather? Cook yourself some congee with this incredibly easy and delicious recipe from Anita of Daily Cooking Quest.

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Credit: Daily Cooking Quest

Rice Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

Hidden beneath the everyday rice cooker is a magical function that allows you to cook soups, stews, and even bake cakes! Try this easy chicken noodle soup from Homemade Chinese Soups – It’s Magical! in your rice cooker.

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Cantonese-style braised beef

The ingredient list may look intimidating but delicious braised beef can be achieved in one single wok! Try this recipe from Yi Reservation.

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Credit: Yi Reservation

Chrysanthemum Goji Berry Tea

Goji berry is a superfood that not only promotes blood circulation but is also great for the eyes! Try them in this easy tea recipe by China Sichuan Food.

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Credit: China Sichuan Food

Pear Sweet Soup

Pears may not be the first pick when it comes to making soup, but this sweet recipe from the Kitchen Tigress will make you realise how easy it is to transform pears into delicious and soothing soup!

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Credit: Kitchen Tigress

Keep warm and toasty, you all!

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