5 Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

5 Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

The month of love has come around again and if you’ve got a special someone to celebrate with it’s the perfect time to show off those feelings. From the ordinary to the little more extraordinary, there is something to do and memories to make for every couple this Valentines day.

Romantic Dinner

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Have yourself the perfect stereotypical Valentine’s date and book yourself and your partner into a fancy restaurant for the evening. Many places will offer a special set dinner for the occasion so if you’re early you can look around and find the perfect deal, don’t forget the bubbly!

Sunset Harbour Cruise

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Hong Kong has so much to offer when it comes to things to do. Step away from the expected and really surprise your date by sailing around the harbour for an hour or two. Not only will this supply you with some fantastic views, you’ll also be able to get away from the hustle and bustle, to enjoy some one on one company with your date.

Some cruises are:
DukLing Harbour Cruise
Pearl of Oriental Dinner Cruise

Weekend getaway

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Nothing brings out your romantic side quite like a holiday. A short getaway might be just what you need as a couple to connect and experience something new together. They’ll be plenty of deals and extra Valentines Day offers going on too so you can really spoil you partner, remember to sprinkle those rose petals!

Cosy Night In

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Sometimes the crowds and busy atmosphere can get a little bit too much and put a bit of a downer on the evening. So if you’re a couple that just wants to enjoy each other’s company, then ordering dinner in at home and cosy up on the couch can be just as fun if not more relaxing than heading out.

Places to order from:
Koh Thai
Soi 7
Burger Joys
High Street Grill

Moonlight Drinks

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If dinner is not really your style, but you still want to go out for the evening then a rooftop bar might be just what you’re looking for. Experience the lights of the city from all the way up in the sky, while sipping on delicious and unique cocktails or a bottle, together.

Woolloomooloo Wan Chai
Armani /Prive

Hope you have a romantic day!


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