5 Realistic Resolutions For The New Year

5 Realistic Resolutions For The New Year

The promise of a new year brings a fresh start to your life. All the little problems and events of the previous year can be forgotten and you can start all the things you wanted to do before, with much more enthusiasm.

Although New Year’s resolutions can be motivational and pretty fun, it’s important that you set yourself realistic targets otherwise you’re less likely to follow them though and then feel guilty about it. That’s why I’ve listed out some small but still effective resolutions that you can fit around your life to help give you that “new year, new me” attitude.

1. Do Dry January

After a boozy Christmas season, it’s important to have a bit of a detox. I’m not saying cut out alcohol for the whole year, but by taking a break you can allow your body to recover and make sure you don’t get stuck in any bad habits. Dry January is an event, which helps to raise awareness for alcoholism, and victims of alcohol fuelled incidents.


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2. Begin a proper skincare routine

Skincare is something that is so important but also so overlooked. By the time you get back from work you’re tired and just want to relax. But by making sure your skin is clean and fresh after a day out in the pollution almost guarantees you’ll age much slower. Also by using products and scents which encourage relaxation, such as lavender you’ll get a much better sleep and wake up more refreshed, it’s a win win!

skincare new years

3. Read More

Reading used to be such a drag when you were at school and had to force yourself to ready an entire Shakespeare play in one night, but nowadays reading can be such a relaxing and enlightening experience. It gives you an opportunity to look away from a screen for a while as well as inspiring you to be able to learn subjects or stories you’ve always wanted to but just never got round to.


4. Join a fitness class or gym

No New Year’s resolution list is complete without something to do with health and fitness. But that’s because it’s so important in daily life, not only will becoming fitter give you more confidence and make you feel better, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to make new friends, especially in a class environment.

gym new years resolution

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5. Focus on yourself more

In a time where work and socialising is so important for our future progression, it’s important to check in with yourself from time to time. Whether that be going for a morning run or just laying on the sofa, having time alone gives you the opportunity to become more in tune with your inner soul. It also means you can eat cookies in bed without anyone judging you!

Happy New Year!



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