5 Superfoods That Boost Your Happiness

5 Superfoods That Boost Your Happiness

Hello, food panda fans and friends, I hope your 2016 is starting with a positive bang on the gong (OM!). If you have been following us this month, you will know that we are dedicating the whole month of January to your wellness! Nothing beats a happy panda. So today we are going to give you the secret of food that will make you uber-happy. The weather might get more gloomy during the winter months but there is no reason why you should. By adding these superfood to your diet, you will feel happier and more positive and energized to meet the deadlines mountaining on your desk after the holidays.


Don’t overlook these little blue helpers: they are packed full of antioxidants and Vitamin K. Blueberries boost your memory and concentration, and allow you to perform better at work. By eating blueberries, you can maintain your blood sugar level and lessen mood swings. When paired with yoghurt, they become one of the most power-punching, mind-enhancing snacks!


By now you should know that sunlight makes us happy as it provides us the vital Vitamin D for our bodies. But if you are often stuck in the office cubicle and see no light at the end of the day’s tunnel, mushrooms are truly magic: they are your best friend for Vitamin D intake. By increasing your intake of Vitamin D, your mood will also get a boost significantly.



As featured in our earlier post, this low-calorie fruit not only is vibrant to the eye, but also sweet to your emotional health. Lowered testosterone levels cause emotional issues like mood swings, stress, and depression. So start including pomegranate juice in your diet. And hey, studies also say it might increase the action in the bedroom (that should be a bonus)!

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No wonder Popeye loves this superfood and he is always so cheerful! Spinach is high in folic acid, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Folic acid helps cell regeneration and regulates serotonin. Leafy greens, such as spinach, kale as well as avocado help maintain your beauty sleep, body repair and regulates stress hormones which are all crucial to your happiness. ‘Why-I-oughta’ eat more of this this week!


The B family

Last but not least, the Vitamin B Complex. Vitamin B family plays an important role of converting food into energy and releasing happy chemicals. B6 vitamin is essential for brain developments and functionality, and enhance hormonal chemicals serotonin and norepinephrine that boosts your mood. B9 helps fight against depression and anxiety. Studies show by consuming B6 and B12, it will help prevent depression, strokes, arthritis, heart diseases and Parkinson’s disease.
That’s why you should chow down on some chickpea hummus dip for a boost of B6, avocado for B9 and some grilled salmon or cheese for B12.

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