Discover authentic Mexican food in Hong Kong

Discover authentic Mexican food in Hong Kong

If you’re a fan of fiery flavours and hearty ingredients, chances are you love Mexican food. Mexican food is the perfect cuisine for big lunches or late dinners, it’s an easy way to quash hunger pangs and fill you up, leaving your stomach satisfied and a smile on your face. At foodpanda, we’ve brought together some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong, allowing diners to take their pick from the finest foods in town and order online to enjoy restaurant quality food with no hassle whatsoever.

Tired of trying the same dishes over and over again? Find a new Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong and rediscover your passion for Mexican cuisine, or browse brand new menus for some essential inspiration to broaden your palate and add new favourites to your pick list. First time using foodpanda? Get set for a whole new way to order online.

Enjoy fiery Nachos and zesty Guacamole

Authentic Mexican cuisine in Singapore | foodpanda Magazine

Mexican food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. From authentic Mexican food, to Tex-Mex classics and other fusion favourites, there’s dozens of restaurants to choose from in Hong Kong. Whether you’re on a budget, or have plenty to spare, you’ll find a Mexican restaurant to cater to you. Browse online today and take your pick from a host of Mexican restaurant staples, including:

  • Feast on Mexican tacos, nachos with melted cheese and chicken quesadilla
  • Opt for a meaty burrito, fiery chili bowl or a tasty tortilla
  • Pick spicy dips and relishes including guacamole, spicy salsa, refried beans or melted cheese
  • Finish your meal with Mexican desserts like sweet taco boats, pecan pie and caramel sauce or a sweet horchata drink

When you order Mexican cuisine online with foodpanda, you’ve an amazing pick of all kinds of dishes at the touch of a button or swipe of the screen. Fill your baskets with spectacular starters and appetisers, make sure you’ve got an amazing main to look forward to, and don’t forget the desserts!

You’ll find plenty of restaurants serving up all your favourite drinks as well, from famous branded soft drinks and juices, to chilled beer, cocktails and wines for a more mature accompaniment to your meal. Grab iconic Mexican dishes from any menu, or take some time to browse the house specials of some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong.

Discover your favorite Mexican food online

Mexican food @ Boomshack | foodpanda Magazine

Just because you’re ordering online doesn’t mean you ever need to settle for food that’s second best. At foodpanda, we’re dedicated to bringing customers a quality choice when it comes to ordering food online. Our team have tried and tasted thousands of dishes from hundreds of individual restaurants, bringing you the best possible selection of Mexican restaurants in Hong Kong.

Find restaurants delivering to you every day of the week, any time of the day with our handy online service. If you’ve never used us before, you’ll be amazed at just how easy it all is. Simply enter your address for a list of restaurants delivering to you, then browse their online menus until something catches your eye.

Simply click to add items to your basket, then pay securely online once you’re done and ready to complete your order. You’re bound to find a nearby restaurant serving up your favourite Mexican food, meaning you’ll never have to wait long for your order to arrive.

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