10 Delicious Mac n Cheese Dishes For That Quiet Night At Home

10 Delicious Mac n Cheese Dishes For That Quiet Night At Home

Macaroni Cheese is a pasta dish of English origin that is also hugely popular in the US and Canada where it’s simply called mac n cheese. In the Caribbean it’s often called macaroni pie, but essentially it comes down to the same thing; small pasta tubes mixed with a cheddar cheese sauce and then baked in the oven. Some versions of the dishes are prepared with emmental cheese or a mix of cheeses with toppings that can include a parmesan and breadcrumb crust or crispy bacon.

Many Hong Kong eateries now serve this delicious meal from upscale restaurants to US style diners and grills, some serving the classic recipe, others giving it a modern twist. Read on for the 10 best Mac & Cheese Restaurants in Hong Kong available on foodpanda.

1. Butcher & Baker Hong Kong

A proper old fashioned macaroni cheese recipe can be enjoyed at the Butcher and Baker café in Kennedy Town. The dish is priced HK $130 and the café also offers a gluten free option.

Butcher & Baker | foodpanda Magazine

Address: 55 Cadogan St, Hongkong
Contact: +852 2591 0328
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2. The Herbivores

If you are looking for one of the finest recipes for mac and cheese Hong Kong has to offer, then head to The Herbivores, where a four cheese option is topped with breadcrumbs for a crusty finish and priced at HK $142.

Herbivores | foodpanda Magazine

Address: Hong kong, Central, Staunton St, 35號ground Floor, No.
Contact: +852 2613 2909
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3. The Fat Pig by Tom Aitkens

Whilst the dish is popular with vegetarians, those who can’t live without something meaty in their meal should head to The Fat Pig by Tom Aitken on Causeway Bay where pork is given top bill. The Ham Hock Macaroni Cheese on the menu is a baked dish priced at HK $88.

The Fat Pig | foodpanda Magazine

Address: 1105, 1 Matheson St, Causeway Bay, Hong kong
Contact: +852 2577 3444
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4. The Roundhouse

At The Roundhouse in Wan Chai a warming bowl of stove top prepared mac n cheese is prepared in the US style and served as a side, costing just HK $58.00. Enjoy it at The Roundhouse with a bottle of the specialist craft beer the bar is famous for.

The Roundhouse | foodpanda Magazine

Address: 62 Peel St, Hong kong
Contact: +852 2366 4880
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5. Mac and Cheese Balls @ The Diner

For a twist on a traditional cheese macaroni recipe then it’s worth sampling the mac cheese balls at The Diner.

The Diner | foodpanda Magazine

Address: G/F,, Shiu King Court, 4-8 Arbuthnot Rd, Central, Hong kong
Contact: +852 2562 3181
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6. Stone Nullah Tavern

Over at Stone Nullah Tavern, macaroni cheese enjoys a real twist and is prepared with organic egg yolk and chives with a choice of toppings; black truffle, pickled jalapeno or homemade bacon. Stone Nullah mac and cheese prices start at HK$130.

stone nullah mac and cheese

Address: Hong kong, 灣仔 石水渠街69號地下
Contact: +852 3182 0128
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7. Beer & Fish

Another twist can be enjoyed at Beer & Fish on Staunton Street where mac and cheese casserole is enveloped by a sour dough crust and served as a side dish priced under HK $50.

beer and fish mac and cheese

Address: 67 Staunton St, Central, Hong kong
Contact: +852 2540 0888
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8. & 9. Green Waffle Diner HK

At both Green Waffle Diner restaurants in Hong Kong, the Causeway Bay and Central locations, Mac and Cheese is served in a skilled having been cooked on a stove top and then topped with bacon.

green waffle diner mac an cheese

Address: Hong kong, 中環嘉咸街35-39號嘉豪大廈地舖
Contact: +852 2887 9991
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10. Mac N Cheese with Crispy Bacon – Lobster & Mussels by Paul’s Kitchen

Mac N Cheese with Crispy Bacon can also be enjoyed at the exclusive Lobster & Mussels by Paul’s Kitchen where a bowl may set you back HK $550 but can be enjoyed with the finest wine in the very heart of central Hong Kong.

Lobster & Mussels | foodpanda Magazine

Address: G/F, 16 Gough St, Central, Hong kong
Contact: +852 2815 8003
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An easy baked mac and cheese recipe is to simply mix the cooked pasta into the sauce on the stove top and baked in the oven although for those looking lunch on the go or a meal out, then Hong Kong restaurants serve up everything from a traditional version to a modern twist.

As you can see, this traditional English pasta dish can be enjoyed in every corner of Hong Kong from the finest restaurants to the US grills and diners that we have come to love so much. This warming, hearty dish, commonly seen as comfort food, is the ideal choice for those who with an appetite for something filling and cheesy.

Article Written By Team foodpanda

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