Bites!- 3 great burritos you must try in Hong Kong

Bites!- 3 great burritos you must try in Hong Kong

Imagine a grilled tortilla wrapping the ingredients that your tongue loves with cheese and numerous sauces to add extra flavouring. This combo is known as B-U-R-R-I-T-O, Mexican dish.

However, did you know what “Burrito” means in Spanish? It’s little Donkey. People believe that it is derived from the appearance that is created when a Donkey is carrying things which look like breadrolls.

Facts aside, does it matter where the name comes from? Well, not really, we are more interested in what is inside it and how it tastes. There are three places you must go to if you are staying in Hong Kong.

Agave Restaurant

Agave is a Mexican restaurant located in Wan Chai. They use authentic imported ingredients in their dishes. The interior of the restaurant is colourful, casual and inviting.

What’s in it?
Order a burrito from the six options; Carne de Res, Al Pastor, Pollo, Combo, Frijoles and Rajas Y CalaBazas. Get the Al Pastor if you like pork, it is a flour tortilla rolled with melted cheese, spicy grilled pork, with guacamole and tomato salsa, sour cream on the burrito and beans on the side.

What’s the highlight?
The best part is they do not add the beans, tomato salsa and sour cream into the burrito so you can add as much as you want according to your own preference. I know people who are not fond of the taste of beans, so this is the place to get your burrito. Plus if you have not noticed yet, what are the colours of the toppings on the burrito, what flag is that?
Agave burrito

What sets them apart?
They are not merely a restaurant but also a bar with plenty of different Tequilas, which they are famous for. We all need a little drink every now and then.

Why we love them?
We love them because they are the whole package, the drinks, the delicious food and colourful interior, all this would bring a smile to anyone’s face. Plus, they have a buy one get one free on certain drinks during special occasions like Halloween or Mid-Autumn festival. Therefore, remember to check their Facebook page before you order.

Address: 93 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai
Facebook: www.facebook.com/agavewanchai
Order online here for home delivery.

Little Burro Hong Kong

Located in the Upper Station Street, surrounded by various restaurants, Little Burro does the job to stand out and grab your attention. The casual interior is the to-go place with friends for lunch or dinner for an exchange of gossips or updates.

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What’s in it?
Whatever you want in it, will be in it. It is the best style to have the liberty to make your own choices. There are four steps to follow to end up with the order that you desire.

Step 1 – Choose your dish; Burrito, Rice Bowl, Salad, Skinny Burrito, Quesadilla, Tacos or Nachos

Step 2 – Choose your filling; Smoky chipotle BBQ chicken, “Kick Ass” pork carnitas, Beef Barbacoa, Mexican spiced fish fillet, Sautéed tofu and Guacamole or Fajita veggies and guacamole

Step 3 – Choose your beans and rice; Black beans or Borracho beans / Cilantro lime rice or brown rice

Step 4 – Choose your salsa; Pico de gallo, Corn green chile, Mango papaya or Salsa verde.
Little Burro

What’s the highlight?
What is better than feeling like a chef without having to get your hands dirty? The option of choices makes it easier for the restaurant staff and the customers.

Why we love them?
The staff they have is really friendly and always smiling, no matter how demanding a customer can get. I know it from personal experience because I can be demanding at times. The staff was there to help me and answer all of my questions.

Address: 1 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/littleburrohk
Find online menu here for home delivery.

Verde Mar Hong Kong

Talk about hidden gems and I think of Verde Mar. It is hidden on the Tai Wong Street East, where one can easily miss it but better not, it is a place you must go to for the remarkable food and experience.

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What’s in it?
I ordered a wet burrito. Yes it was ‘wet’ with tomato salsa and that was what I wanted, something unique. With the wet burrito you can choose the meat or go veggie or mushroom. I got the mushroom wet burrito because I love mushrooms. When my order came, I could not wait to dig in, the melted cheese was just the finishing touch and delicious.

What’s the highlight?
The whole decoration of the restaurant is exactly what you would expect of an authentic Mexican restaurant. The little details that make it great and the music just makes it feel like a little Mexico in Hong Kong, with Chef Eligio sometimes showing off his salsa skills.

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What sets them apart?
I was waiting for my order and got a plate of nachos, which was with the meal. I was extra happy because who does not want nachos when they are famished and waiting for their food. It played out perfectly for me, I am trying to lose weight with the small meal plan, but I sort of made it a cheat day after seeing the wet burrito.
Verde Mar

Why we love them?
The dish was for more than one person, the chefs make the dishes in a large portion because they do not want anyone to be selfish and enjoy the dish individually and you have no choice but to bring at least one person along.

Address: G/F, 24 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai
Facebook: www.facebook.com/verdemarhk

For more options, check out Cali-Mex and other great Burrito places in town.

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