Brunch in Hong Kong – Eating on a Budget

Brunch in Hong Kong – Eating on a Budget

There’s just something about brunch that makes you feel so sophisticated and fancy, but also gives you the perfect excuse to lay in that little bit longer on your days off. Brunch can be difficult to interpret as some people see it more as a big breakfast while others prefer it to lunch, personally brunch is more on the savoury side for me with lots of eggs and sandwich choices.

Hong Kong offers some very luxurious Champagne brunches in hotels such as The Peninsula for those special occasions or if you’re feeling extra fancy. But you can also get some great every day brunches serving all your favorite breakfast and lunch combinations.

Brunch on a Budget 1 – Classified

Sheung Wan: 108 Hollywood Rd
Wan Chai: 31 Wing Fung St
Tai Hang: 1-9 Lin Fa Kung St E
Stanley: G08A, 23 Carmel Rd
Sai Kung: 5 Sha Tsui Path

Price Range $50 – $100
Although there’s not a huge selection to choose from, at Classified it’s all about the quality not quantity of their dishes. With lots of egg based options you can have them just how you like it, from poached to scrambled and for those of you with a bit of a sweet tooth, their French toast drizzled in syrup is the ultimate treat. They also have a large selection of homemade smoothies and fruit and grain choices for those of you looking for a healthier alternative from the traditional brunch stereotype. You can also customize your own breakfast by choosing from an array of fillings for your omelet or by getting an array of breakfast sides including avocado toast and a bread and pastry basket.

classified brunch hong kong

Brunch on a Budget 2 – FAB

Address: Shama Place, 中環 蘇 豪 荷 李 活 道 號 地下 No.30, 30 Hollywood Rd, Central
Price Range $60 – $100

FAB brunch hong kong

Tucked away on the corner of SOHO, this French/ American bistro gives you a breakfast at tiffany’s vibe with the distinctive tiffany light blue diner booths and their large selection of Brunch. Served from 8am until 4pm on weekdays and 9am until 4pm on weekends, you can indulge on their choice of savory and sweet options such as the chefs recommended Croque Monsieur and traditional French toast. The portion sizes are definitely more on the American side of the spectrum and would be perfect for sharing if you’re just looking for a light bite. With all the choices being below $100, except the full breakfast, which is $125, you can enjoy the luxury of brunch without the luxurious price tag. If you’re looking to save a bit more then I would suggest opting out of a drink or choosing a cheaper option.

Brunch on a Budget 3 -[block]2[/block]

Address: New Fortune House, North St, Kennedy Town
Price Range $100-$150

waffling beans brunch hong kong

Specializing in all things waffles, from toppings such as sweet Belgium chocolate or pina colada to savory ham and cheese or scrambled eggs with avocado, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Waffling beans provides an all day brunch starting at 12pm until they close. It consists of different types of waffles with the majority of them under $100. Many of the toppings are served deconstructed on your plate, giving you the opportunity to choose just how much you want of everything. The café also has a large variety of coffees to give you that caffeine fix for the day with espressos or iced mocha’s and even specialty international coffee beans. You can also borrow a magazine from their selection while you wait for or enjoy your meal, for a full brunching experience.

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