Chinese New Year Eating And Events Guide

Chinese New Year Eating And Events Guide

Chinese New Year has arrived once again, everything decorated in bright rich colours, red packets are on the counter of every shop and lions are roaming the streets. The time for family and celebration amongst not only the Chinese community but internationally as it is now a worldwide occasion!

Depending on how much time you get off work, there are many different events going on especially over the four day weekend starting from New Years Day (28th) until the fourth day of the new year (31st). So here’s a guide to all things food and fun over the festive period.

New Years Fireworks

Chinese New Year Fireworks

When: 29th January, 8pm
Where: Victoria Harbour

Kick off the year of the rooster with a bang, quite literally, as the harbour lights up with shimmering gold and red fireworks high above the skyscrapers. Hong Kong performs a fireworks display for both the western New Year as well as Chinese New Year. Just remember that it can get a little crowded at the waterfront so make sure you save a space early to guarantee you get the best view of this spectacle.

Eat: Dumplings

Chinese New Year dumplings

There are several foods you can eat during the New Year which are believed to bring you luck in different areas of your life. Dumplings are a symbol of luck in wealth for the up coming year. These bite-sized bags of flavour are perfect for sharing and come in multiple fillings such as prawns, steamed vegetables and the popular Xiao Long Boa, which contains pork and soup. Not only are they lucky, but also delicious.

Race Day

Chinese New Year Race Day

When: 30th January, 12:30pm until 6pm
Where: Sha Tin Racecourse

For a fun day out with friends or family (18+), the horse races are the perfect way to kick off the New Year. Not only will you have the chance to win some money but there will also be added traditional festivities such as musical performances, lion dancing and even a lucky draw. So test your luck this New Year, you never know eating all those dumplings and oranges may pay off!

Snack On: Fruit

Chinese New Year oranges

As well as being a healthy break from all the more indulgent treats during the festive period, fruit represents fullness and wealth for the upcoming year. These fruits usually include oranges and mandarins as their golden colour reflects on the idea of wealth and their circular shape represents fullness. It is believed that the more you eat the luckier you will be, so eat up!

Flower Displays

Flower Market Chinese New Year

When: Before and during the festive period.
Where: Mong Kok, Victoria Park

One of the most popular decorations for the New Year is flowers and plants. Orange trees, peach blossoms and other brightly coloured flowers and plants will be on display to purchase all around the city. Especially at Mong Kok Flower Market which has street full of every species of flower you can dream of. The array of smells and colours from thousands of plants will have you feeling like you’re walking through a river of colour.

Eat: Noodles

Noodles Chinese New Year

Another lucky food to indulge on in Chinese New Year is noodles, they symbolise luck in longevity and happiness. There are so many different variations of noodles from across Asia that you have a wide choice of flavours and styles. So whether you want to slurp on some hot stewed noodles and crunch down on some crispy Chow Mein, you’ll be giving yourself a year of happiness.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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