Discover the best places for Thai food in Hong Kong

Discover the best places for Thai food in Hong Kong

The delectable aromas of galangal, lemongrass and Thai basil make Thai cuisine utterly delectable. Hong Kong is an amazing city to sample Thai food, with plenty of authentic, contemporary and innovative restaurants available for even the most discerning gourmands to enjoy. Vegans, veggies, and lovers of all things scrupulously traditional are all well catered for. Indeed if anything, you might feel bewildered at the sheer variety of amazing foods and drinks on offer in Hong Kong. To make things easier for you, we have put together an exclusive foodpanda guide to the best places for Thai food in Hong Kong.

The most popular dishes and sought after Thai restaurants in Hong Kong


If you want something fresh and fruity, then we definitely recommend Bangkok Thai Restaurant. The most coveted dish here is Stir-Fried Morning Glory in Thai Style Pineapple Fried Rice, which is served with real panache inside a whole pineapple. Still hungry? Complement it with some Sticky Rice with Mango and Coconut Milk. Prices here are not too expensive: it is easy to get a satisfying dinner for around HK $100. Follow this link to order online from Bangkok Thai Restaurant.


Eatery that serves up Thai food for a similar price, but which focuses on freshly caught seafood dishes is the New Bangkok Restaurant (Wan Chai). Here, we recommend ordering the Fried King Prawn with Phanaeng Curry, which is wonderfully spicy. Seafood and citrus, as everyone knows, are a match made in heaven, so it is no wonder than another popular dish here is Grilled Seaperch with Lemongrass and Salt. Alternatively choose a Thai classic: Thai Fried Sweet Clams with Chili Paste.Order online now from New Bangkok Restaurant.

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At Cafe Siam, you can find plenty of tasty soups and salads, and this is a great venue for a light and refreshing lunch. Try the Khao Niew Ma Muang, Hoy Maeng Poo Ob Maw Din, or Kaeng Khiaw Waan if you want to sample the jewels of this restaurant’s menu. Prices average at about HK $100 per meal. Check Cafe Siam’s menu online!


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If you are willing to splash out an additional HK $20 or so per dish, Champion Thai is a superb takeaway option for an elegant dinner. We particularly recommend the Special Sets, the Thai Minced Pork San Choy Bao, and the beautifully creamy Red Curry. Special curries are designed for between two and three people, so they are ideal for sharing with friends or workmates as a luxurious treat.Find a dish you like from Champion Thai’s menu.


Want something ultra sumptuous? Koh Thai is your answer! At this mid level restaurant, you can expect to pay more than HK $130 for a main dish (and some dishes cost over HK $200), but these prices are definitely worth it. The Gai Yang, Dtom Yum Gung and Gai Kati are arguably the most beloved dishes here, and with good reason: they offer the perfect blend of spice and sourness and are wonderfully hearty too. Go to the Answer!

Try these fantastic restaurants today

Now that you are in possession of this insider knowledge about the best places to grab Thai food in Hong Kong, it’s time to place your order. As you can see, the city’s top restaurants have something to tempt every palate whether you wish for something super fruity or a classic and uncomplicated Thai red curry cooked to perfection.

Article Written By Dido Lin

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