Wardrobe Diaries – #VisalaEats Grand Central Bar & Grill in Elements

Wardrobe Diaries – #VisalaEats Grand Central Bar & Grill in Elements

When it comes to shopping in Elements, it’s not only about the luxurious fashion boutiques, and the always-empty-queue in H&M. There lies also the stylish restaurants with great reviews, lining up from the first floor and extended to the roof. I was in Grand Central the other day, trying out their Lunch menu after a morning meeting.


The stylish 2-story restaurants were decorated with a touch of industrial aesthetics, an American-style bar on the ground floor and glass walls on the second floor for a more spacious-looking interior.


Grand Central offers a $142 Semi-Buffet Lunch that includes a great range of mixed salads and cold cuts with condiments. A healthy choice for those who prefer low calories lunch, focusing on protein and well blend of rich nutrition ingredients. Alongside smoked salmons providing you omega-3, paired with onions, crisp, fresh, and bursting with flavour, there is also a range of ham and cheese creating a pleasing dynamic duo.



If you are having a big appetite on the day or looking for some hot food to share with your friends, there’s always an upgrade on the semi-buffet by adding a $178-main course on top for only $68. From pasta, Fish & Chips, to burger, Grand Central’s main lunch menu brings in a strong American fare.




Truffle & Forest Mushroom Fettuccine
Not too creamy nor over seasoned. The natural flavour of the black truffle and forest mushroom hits your taste buds thoroughly. On top of that, adding a touch of black truffle oil would be the icing on the cake.


The Porterhouse Burger
Layers of flavours crunching through the crusty soft buns to the crispy lettuce and tomato slice, and last but not least down to the tender medium rare Angus Ground Beef. Satisfying when it hits the Double Applewood Smoked Bacon, and even more satisfying when the melted cheese blast into your taste buds. The crispy fries served alongside completes the signature American dish.




Eating in American style has inspired me to put on this Tara Jarmon jacket. Featuring metallic details with a star at the back, it reminds me of the rock star era in its finest progressive 1970s. A full black outfit with a pop of purple, the heavy dimensional printed jeans brings an extra edge with a touch of gunmetal rock-ness.



I reckon Great Central as a great choice for nearby office gents and ladies to chill themselves out over the lunch break under the glass roof with natural lights shining in. As well as for families to enjoy their brunch over the weekend and movies in the cinema afterwards or more shopping to spend the rest of their day. Did I mention that Elements offers a great parking discount as well?



Grand Central Bar and Grill
Adress: Elements, 1 Austin Rd W, Yau Ma Tei, Hongkong
Telefon: +852 2736 4888
Order Online



Adress: Station, 1 Austin Rd W, West Kowloon, Hongkong
Tara Jarmon jacket
6ixty 8ight knit top
Something Else jeans
Balenciaga bag
Serfan boots 
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