Editors Picks – 5 Things we love about Paisano´s

Editors Picks – 5 Things we love about Paisano´s

Went out for dinner to stop myself from eating snacks. Ended up eating huge slices of pizza😂

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Oh Heavenly Slice: Paisano´s Slices are just out of this world. The Size of the portion is outstanding in this city and if you had a hard day, just cover your face in this delicious piece of goodness. Which brings us to Nr. 2

In Pizza We Trust. Paisano´s is always there for you: You had a long night and need to munch down on a cheesy something to make your hangover less terrible the next day? Heartache? Bad day at work? Or even in the good times – Paisano´s Pizza stands by your side. Forever.

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The Smell: Oh Lord – as soon as you are even a few meters close to a Paisano´s Store, the smell of baked dough, melted cheese and Italian herbs will lure you in like a siren. At least for us – we cannot pass and NOT take a stop to grab a bite here. Every. Single. Time.

The Variety: It is hard to make choices when you just want to shove your face into all of the pizzas that are waiting there in front of you. But you know, there is going to be a next time (see Point 2). So just chose the love at first slice.

You don’t make #pizza like this dude. Epic size!

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The Staff: We have never been to Paisano´s and had a bad service experience. Well, we guess it is because they are surrounded by the most delicious Pizza – how on earth could you have a bad mood in this setup?


Paisano´s has different outlets in the city: Wan Chai, Mon Kok, TST, Discovery Bay, Central, Sai Kung and Stanley.
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