Editors Picks – What we eat for breakfast at The Flying Pan

Editors Picks – What we eat for breakfast at The Flying Pan

Time to speak the truth. Here is our compilation of all-time favorites at The Flying Pan.

Eggs Benny

Long time no meet…… Almost 10years….. miss u #flyingpan #eggbenedict #gradensalad

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A good old Sandwich

Geneva Omelette

Geneva Omlette 4*

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Waffles, Bacon and Pancakes

Breakfast with a new friend😊

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Sunny Side up Eggs

Eggs Benny – But Please add some Potatoes


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Scrambled Eggs, Roll and Beans

: morning🍽🙄食飽飽要訓覺啦😴😴

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French Toast

#theflyingpan #hongkong #香港

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The Garden Omelette

Poached Eggs and Bagel with Avocado

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What´s your breakfast poison?

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