Hong Kong food clicks of the month – April 2017

Hong Kong food clicks of the month – April 2017

Happy April Fool’s Day! Hope your pranks haven’t been so costly.
Welcome to foodpanda’s first edition of food clicks of the month! Make no mistake, pictures speak louder than words, and when it comes to food related pictures, there is a lot to keep our eyes busy. Starting from this month, every first day of the month, foodpanda magazine will feature the best food related Instagram pictures in Hong Kong.

We know your question would be how do I get my pictures featured for next month?

  • It’s very simple, just post your food related pictures on Instagram using the hashtag #foodclickpanda or #foodpandahk or both.
  • At the end of every month we would collect all the pictures with these hashtags and will feature the best ones.
  • Each submitted picture stands a huge chance of being featured. What are you waiting for,share your love of food with the world (and get more followers).
  • The best pick of each month will get a surprise gift from foodpanda 🙂

For this first edition, we have collected eight awesome pictures; we are very grateful to those beautiful minds who posted in May to get this started.

1. @khengchan – Explore eater

2. @vickycheungg – Spaghetti explorer

3. @Sadelle – Good food planner

4. @Csk_alison – 快樂就是想吃甚麼就吃 想幾時吃就幾時吃

/ 沒有東西可以阻擋我食野 包括我兩撇曱甴鬚頭髮 所以me決定扎起佢💩 #請ignore條可愛的小黃橡筋 快樂就是想吃甚麼就吃 想幾時吃就幾時吃😈 / 每人身邊總有些外國讀書或做野既朋友 佢地番到黎 食野時間可能有jetlag 今日起至未來3日 我會揀兩位幸運兒 拎走#Jetlagged gift boxes / 你地要做既係 1️⃣ Follow 我 同埋 @foodpanda_hongkong 2️⃣ Tag 你身邊食野有Jetlag的frd子 (要話埋比我知點解佢係喔) 3️⃣ 其中兩位人兄就會收到禮物啦 / 至於禮物盒有咩東東? ▫️ foodpanda merchandise (Tote Bag, Stuffed Bear, iPhone cover, Stress Ball, Cutlery Set) ▫️ Panda Eye Mask ▫️ Kitchen Timer #foodpandahk

A post shared by @csk_alison on

5. @Imdido – Best dessert

#foodclickpanda #afternoontea #bestdessert

A post shared by imdido (@imdido) on

6. @Shakya_diaries – Chicken Fajita

7. @Imdido – Mixed rice 令人幸福感滿滿的五穀雜糧米

#foodclickpanda #mixed_rice

A post shared by imdido (@imdido) on

8. @Shakya_diaries – Raise your fork and spoon who loves salad

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