Guide to Hong Kong – How to spend a weekend in Macao

Guide to Hong Kong – How to spend a weekend in Macao

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the metropolis? Enjoy a mini weekend pilgrimage to our neighbour, Macau, that’s always at the top of your to-do lists.

In approximately 55 minutes, you can reach “Las Vegas of Asia” by taking ferry from The China Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, or from the Shun Tak in Sheung Wan on Hong Kong Island.

11 am

With its former status as a colony of Portugal, Portuguese nata (egg tart) in Macau is not to be missed. One of the must-try local specialties, Macau egg tarts differentiate themselves from the Canton-style ones with their slightly burnt yet crispy crème brulee top.

Check out Margaret’s Café e Nata and Lord Stow’s. Which is best? Try the iconic treats for yourself!


12.30 pm

Explore its colonial heritage around the town, you will discover churches, squares, and buildings with traces of Portuguese history that are still standing just around any corner. Here is a library building on Avenida de Cinco de Outubro.



Beyond the glittering façade of the town, there’s a Chinese Banyan in heart shape, just outside Macao Science Centre by the seaside. Calm and quiet, it’s one of the most preferred wedding photo capturing venues of many couples. Snap one picture here in front of the tree with your loved ones and wish for a harmonious life!


As the world’s largest water extravaganza, The House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams is one-of-a-kind show just won’t disappoint. The story sets on the coast of Coloane, and we as audience together with the characters are taken to a magical kingdom. This entertainment centerpiece is a sensational experience, in which we can all immerse in the effects of shipwrecks and storms, in the themes of dark force and pure love.

Be thrilled by the incredible production. And if you’re on the front row, make sure you put on the raincoat as instructed, otherwise you’ll be soaked in the splash.



On an empty stomach after the spectacular? You are left spoilt for dining choices at City of Dreams. For an exquisite Chinese dining experience, my top picks are always Jin Yang and Jade Dragon. Modern décor blending with authentic Chinese cooking makes for the perfect feast for the eyes, and mouth!




And that calls for the day! Head back to the suite at The Venetian Macao. Wait, no! For the bling and the sin of this casino city, try your luck at the gaming tables and slot machines before the night ends. After all, you’re in the Las Vegas of Asia.





Visit A-Ma Temple in the Barra Square on the southwest tip of Macau – it’s a temple dedicated to the seafarers’ goddess dating back to the early 16th century. And from there, you can explore the old buildings left over from the colonial period.







Your mini break to Macau is not complete with having Macanese and Portuguese dishes served in Restaurante Escada. It’s a three-flour building with European façade and interior, on the staircase of Xin Ma Lu. Feeling the ambience of the cozy place, their signature suckling pig and this Portugues style duck rice will hold a special place in your heart.

8 Rua de Se, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau
Opening hours: Daily, noon – 3pm



Pop by Kika Gelato on Xin Ma Lu after lunch. Run by Japanese and opened just last month in June, the ice-cream shop offers authentic flavours from rich green tea, sakura to acai. And the people there were all so eager to introduce you to their new flavours.


… and your weekend ends with a glowing summer sunset at the terminal before heading back to the metropolis just an hour away.


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