Eating On a Budget: Hong Kong Street Food

Eating On a Budget: Hong Kong Street Food

If you’re looking to experience the true authentic flavours of Hong Kong you don’t need to spend much at all. In fact it might possibly be the cheapest meal you have in the city. Hong Kong street food is much overlooked by visitors and expats alike, maybe it’s due to their mildly unattractive décor or the lack of seating, but much like books, you should never judge a food stall by its appearance.

Hong Kong’s street food is unique in the sense that it’s a mixture of both western and Chinese flavours since the city was part of the British colony at that time.
Traditionally the food stalls used to serve up cold treats in order to keep people cool during the summers, but have changed drastically over time now offering many of Hong Kong’s famous dishes such as fish balls and stinky tofu.

Egg Waffles – Gai Dan Zhai
District: Mong Kok
Address: Just on the corner of Argyle Street 56 – 70, Mong Kok
Price: Below $20

egg waffles hong kong
If you’re looking for something sweet to end a meal or just a light snack as you venture through the hustle and bustle of Mong Kok’s market stalls, Egg waffles are an easy to eat and delicious treat. With a uniquely crunchy outer casing and a chewy and soft centre you will be exposed to its semi-sweet buttery flavour, served hot and cooked fresh right in front of you. What makes these so special is that they seem so light, that going back for seconds can be a valid option. Although the original egg waffles are by far the most popular, the stall also offers other flavours including chocolate and sesame and well as a more westernized type of waffle served with peanut butter.
egg waffle shop hong kong

Soup Noodles
District: HK Island
Address: 160 Electric Road, Tin Hau
Price: Below $50

noodle shop hong kong
For a more substantial meal in your lunch hour or something to help you make it through till dinner, a noodle bar might just do the trick. Tin Hau is packed with Dai Pai Dong’s but the best deal has got to be this little stand on Electric Road. They offer two different styles of noodles, fried or soup along with a choice of two meat toppings from sausages to chicken wings and even a variety of noodle types so you can customise your ideal meal. The noodles come as part of a deal with a drink included for just $26. Surprising the hot soup, which was similar to a creamy chicken broth, was rather refreshing even while eating it outside in Hong Kong’s humidity. What makes this so convenient for on the go eating is that they pack it neatly into a plastic bag and put your drink on top for easy carrying and traveling around.

noodle bar shop hong kong

Alley Thai
District: New Territories
Address: Behind the Green Mini Bus Terminal, Sai Kung
Price: Below $100

alley thai street food hong kong
Thai food is a very popular choice for both locals and visitors in the city. With its array of spices and flavour combinations you’re typical meat dishes can be transformed into a whole new experience. Sawaddee Thailand is located in what Sai Kung locals call Alley Thai; it offers a range of authentic Thai snacks and meals. This includes rice dishes such as Pork Neck Rice and noodle dishes such as Pad Thai, as well as starters and snacks such as their very popular Satays that come in a choice of beef, chicken or pork, which are coated in a homemade peanut sauce.

Pair your meal with a fresh young coconut to drink and you’ll be transported to the beaches of Thailand.

Although the main dishes are a little pricier than most street food, at an average of $50, it’s still far cheaper than restaurants in the city and well worth the extra money. The chain also has an indoor restaurant in Sai Kung that offers more of a traditional dining experience.
alley thai shop hong kong

Aboong Soft Ice Cream Fish Bun
District: TST
Address: Shop C, G/F, 9 Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui
Price: Below $50

aboong street food hong kong
The name can be slightly confusing, but the only thing fishy about this treat is its unique and adorable waffle cone, which is in the shape of a fish. This Korean dessert is layered with three different fillings, the first is hot paste, which is pumped into the bottom and you get a choice of Red Bean, Custard or Green tea. Then frozen yogurt is placed on top along with sprinkles and chocolate glazed grapes, just a warning that you have to eat it quickly as the yogurt begins to melt once it hits the hot filling and drips out of the end of the fishes tail. The waffle cones are cooked fresh so you have to wait about 15 minuets after ordering if they don’t have any left but it’s well worth the wait.
aboong street food shop hong kong

Other Hong Kong Street Food Places:

Dundas Street – Mong Kok

Wing Wah lane – Lan Kwai Fong

Lockhart Road – Wan Chai

Kwan Kee – Tai Wai, Sha Tin

Ngau Chi Wan Market & Cooked Food Centre – Ngau Chi Wan, Kowloon

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