How to be a savvy host and decorate your champagne bottle in 30 minutes!

How to be a savvy host and decorate your champagne bottle in 30 minutes!

Candles? Check. Party hats? Check. Party poppers? Check: your friends are coming over, you have got catering sorted for your New Year Eve House Party (hopefully through one of our awesome food panda vendors), your Spotify playlist is ready to roar, you are smoking hot and ready to rock, so what do you do now before the guests arrive? Instead of pacing back and forth anxiously, why not stir up a drink and add some glitz and glamor to your party? In this article, you will learn how you can make your champagne bottles sparkle by adding some personal touches, as well as a recipe for a fancy and delicious cocktail to go with your scrumptious feast. Get ready to impress the guests!


Time required: 10-15 min
Materials you will need:
Glass bottle, masking tape, glitter, spray glue/ white glue, scissors, art and craft paper, hair dryer (optional)

Step 1: Place your art and craft paper on the table. Use it to collect any glitter so it doesn’t mess up your table. Mask any areas to create stripes or space with masking tape. You can use any champagne bottles or wine bottles. Be sure to leave out the top handle part.


Step 2: Cover the bottle with a thin layer of glue. I would recommend glue spray as it is much quicker to use and dries almost instantly. But if you don’t have that option, normal clear glue or white glue will do just fine. Do it in sections so you have enough time to sprinkle the glitter on.

Decoration of Champagne step 2

Step 3: Once the glitter is on, leave the bottle aside to dry. It should dry within 15 -20 minutes. If you are in a hurry, you can also use a hair dryer to speed up drying time.

Decoration of Champagne bottle step 3

Now you are done with the bottles, let’s move onto shaking up our cocktails!


Time required: 15 min
Materials you will need:
1 cup of pomegranate juice
1 cup of apple juice
1 box of fresh raspberry (for taste and garnish)
1 can of soda
2 cups of champagne/ white wine/ sparkling wine
2 fresh lime


Step 1: Cut 1 lime into slices and 1 lime into wedges. The slices are for garnish and wedges are for juice squeezing. Place aside. Clean raspberry and squash half of them into a paste. The rest you can leave for garnish.

Step 2: In a jug, mix all the juices together. (I picked a white wine and some sparkling apple juice as I love the fizz and acidity.) Add the raspberry paste and stir.

Step 3: Add soda into the juice. Next, gradually add the alcohol of your choice. It can be champagne if you are feeling festive or a white or sparkling wine if you are on a budget. Stir again. Now go and check if your glitter bottle is dry. If it is, pour the spritzer and you are done! This spritzer looks pretty, is refreshing and guilt-free as it is light on calories!


Now you have mastered the art of being a party shaker in just 30 minutes, have fun and enjoy your celebration!

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