The Wardrobe Diaries: Jasmine Smith (Dress Me Blog Me)

The Wardrobe Diaries: Jasmine Smith (Dress Me Blog Me)
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1 Name: Jasmine Smith, Dress Me Blog Me

2 Inspiration: @thegreylayers, @cottds, @paudictado

3 Brands: All Saints, Sass & Bide, Alice McCall and of course RAVEN + ROSE


Hong Kong is dynamic in terms of the big brands it orientates itself around and is gaining momentum as a more entrepreneurial fashion hub.

You may have to search a little harder for the more breaking-grounds brands – but they are here! If your interested in the Hong Kong fashion talent, do check out the likes of Melissa Bui, Viniga, PIA, S.Nine, What the Frock for example…

I Nom Hong Kong

Outfit 1 | Curators Network

Wears: White silk shirt by Sass & Bide, Bra by RAVEN + ROSE, Leather pants by Marks & Spencer, Boots by All Saints, Beanie by H&M

Can be seen at: I’m a huge fan of the coffee at ‘NOM’ and do love the way the restaurant focuses on sustainable and hand picked ingredients for their lush tasting modern Italian dishes.

Give me a plate of their meatballs and a black coffee any day! (HINT for the parents out there – super awesome place to take the kiddo’s on Sundays!)

To NOM I’d wear what I consider my uniform: Black leather and white silk! An easy no-brainer outfit for me that is comfortable, not complicated and completely ME style wise!

Restaurant Info: http://www.nom.com.hk


Outfit 2 | Curators Network

Wears: Givenchy Maxi Skirt, RAVEN + ROSE Taylor Tank and Bra, Karen Millen Leather Jacket, H&M Hat, Giuseppe Zanotti High Heels.

Can be seen at: For me, this outfit is something I’d wear on a date night. It is the right balance of soft (the see through tank) and strong (structured maxi skirt), which for me is the ultimate feminine look.

It is the type of ensemble I’d wear to somewhere like RONIN – a favourite of my husbands and mine. Ronin is a super small, intimate modern Japanese restaurant that has a very cool urban vibe to it. It also boasts an amazing whisky list that you can pair with their menu.

Restaurant Info: http://roninhk.com

III 22 Ships

Outfit 3 | Curators Network

Wears: ZARA Black Fringe Jacket, Marks & Spencer Cropped Leather Pants, H&M Hat, Tony Bianco High Heels

Can be seen at: 22 Ships is a casual, cool bistro that serves tapas and the style of restaurant I would go to when wearing an all black outfit like this.

These Tony Bianco heels are absolute favourites of mine and so super easy to walk in, even down the uneven streets of Hong Kong! One of the reasons this outfit is appropriate for a cool night dining out in HK.

Restaurant Info: http://www.22ships.hk

IV Little Creatures

Outfit 4 | Curators Network

Wears: For the Love of Lemons Sheer Crop Top, ‘RAVEN + ROSE’ Bra, Sass & Bide Wide Legged Pants & Isabella Zia wears: Seed’ Black Tutu Dress, H&M’ White T-shirt, Stan Smith for Adidas Sneakers

Can be seen at: We treat family outings to restaurant and cafes as pretty special things – outings that are most defiantly worth dressing up for and being on our ‘best behaviour’ for!

Even when popping down the road to ‘Little Creatures’ on the weekends for coffee and brunch, we do so in our favourite clothing – its part of our family values to dress up for the world and make even the smallest moments magical.

Restaurant Info: https://littlecreatures.hk

V Ophelia Hong Kong

Outfit 5 | Curators Network

Wears: Black Silk Organza Maxi & leather belt by ‘VINIGA’, ‘RAVEN + ROSE’ underwear.

Can be seen at: This type of outfit I’d wear for a night of cocktails and champagne – Ophelia being my venue of choice at the moment for it’s dramatic decor, its dancing girls and fantastic tunes.

At Ophelia it feels like anything goes clothing wise and it gives you every excuse to bring out your evening dresses and wear them with superb confidence.

Restaurant Info: https://www.facebook.com/OpheliaHongKong/

VI MANA Slow Fast Food

Outfit 6 | Curators Network

Wears: GAP black knit top, All Saints Leather skirt, Nike sneakers, H&M veiled beanie

Can be seen at: For a casual day in the office, this is the type of outfit I feel most relaxed in. Head to toe my favourite colour – black – and with leather accents which is always a go-to material for me.

I often take my lunch into work or order MANA – a delicious and healthy option for when I’m glued to my computer and in my desk.

Restaurant Info: http://www.mana.hk

VII Ping Pong 129

Outfit 7 | Curators Network

Wears: RAVEN + ROSE Sheer Taylor Tee and Bra, Kate Spade fridge Skirt, Giuseppe Zanotti High Heels.

Can be seen at: Ping Pong 129 is a very stylish and underground bar which serves the best gin in Hong Kong. It is a go-to for catch-up’s with girlfriends or pre-dinner drinks when in the Sai Ying Ping area.

High heels, a fun mini skirt and something a little loose and tomboy in shape (the Taylor Tee) is an ideal outfit for nights like that!

Restaurant Info: http://www.pingpong129.com

Jasmine Smith |
Contributing Editor

A lover of triangle bras, leather + black coffee, Jasmine Smith runs the successful fashion blog, Dress Me Blog Me, and has just launched Raven + Rose, her own lingerie line.


Article Written By Team foodpanda


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