Panda Peeks – Beeger

Panda Peeks – Beeger

Many remember Kennedy Town for its classic Hong Kong atmosphere. A modest district booming with locally run Dai Pai Dongs, quaint marketplaces and a busy fresh food market full that could be tracked for miles using just one’s nose. While remnants of old Kennedy Town are still around, the opening of the MTR station has transformed the area into a foodie haven, with plenty of eateries and bars having moved west for the nearby Pokfulam-dwellers to enjoy.

Down on the quiet seafront, where we see the ferries whizzing busy commuters to and from the outlying islands, locals and expats alike come together to enjoy Beeger, a cleverly shipped name of two of my favourite things; beer and burgers. This burger joint serves up a huge collection of locally and internationally brewed beers, both in bottles and on tap. Be sure to go in thirsty as I can guarantee you won’t want to stay for just one. The menu has a great selection of gourmet comfort food to line your stomach as you order another round of tipple, from a full page of burgers, to nibbles and even a salad if one is to watch what they’re eating.

Grilled Homemade Chicken Wings

Off to a finger licking start with the Grilled Homemade Chicken Wings ($68), with which came the difficult decision of spicy or honey sauce. I opted for the honey to have a go at something a little different and was far from disappointed. The sticky wings came cut in half (which if you follow my dietary advice is perfect as it means you’re able to eat twice as much without the guilt!) and meant that each bone could be polished off in one swift motion.

Baked 4-Cheese Portobello Mushrooms


To try something different, I asked the helpful staff to recommend me a popular dish, unique to the restaurant, to which I was brought the Baked 4-Cheese Portobello Mushrooms ($88). As a huge mushroom supporter, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into the dish that came out still bubbling from the oven and while the initial presentation may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we all know never to judge a mushroom by it’s cover. The large Portobello had soaked up a garlicky, buttery reduction and the four cheeses just accentuated that extra something something.

Classic Handmade Angus Beef Burger


Finally came the main, the chef recommended Classic Handmade Angus Beef Burger ($88), which was presented perched in a pristine Beeger box, accompanied by a basic salad covered in a zesty dressing. The thick patty was oozing with juicy goodness and left with a sweet aftertaste. Even though I struggled to fit the whole package into one bite, the crispy bun managed to absorb all the elements I has missed and left me with a second go for a succulent chomp.

Once finished with all the courses, who can resist a go on the pool table located right at the front of the store, or perhaps a go on the dartboard to try and shed off a few of those satisfying pounds gained from dinner!


Ka Fu Building Block A, Shop 5, G/F, Ka Fu Building,
Western District, 25 New Praya Kennedy Town

Tel: 2812 2328

Open Hours: Mon to Sun 12:00pm – 1:00am

Or order on foodpanda.

Kate Allen |
Contributing Editor

Having lived in Hong Kong for 22 years, Kate’s appetite for discovering hot new places has only been encouraged by the city’s obsession with food – and through eating all of it! Keeping up may be a challenge but it’s one she’s willing to take. Have a laugh with her on Twitter @kaate852.


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