Panda Peeks – Boomshack Hong Kong

Panda Peeks – Boomshack Hong Kong

American Fast Food with a Creative and Offbeat Menu

Drawing inspiration from America’s food trailer scene is BoomShack. Austin Fry (Mavericks and Roundhouse Taproom) mixes up American, Mexican and Asia tastes to come up with a food truck inspired menu.

Their aim? To create a bold place to challenge and excite the local palate.

Upon entering Boomshack Restaurant, you can’t help but notice the quirky and colorful décor. There is even an imitation of a food truck inside, along with a few large and small wooden tables for seating. I must say, I like the fun and casual vibe of the restaurant.

The Boomshack menu lists dishes such as chicken waffle ($88), five types of burgers ($78-98) and a few taco variations. For those who are big eaters, the potato bun burgers are smaller than those found in regular burger joints while the tacos come in two.

For starters, I wanted something refreshing and ‘light’. How apt was it to see a Watermelon Salad feature on the menu. Piled on a bed of rocket and topped with some pistachios, cucumber and chili, this was definitely a good start to what was more to come.

boomshack watermelon saladWatermelon Salad – a refreshing salad that can possibly quench your thirst.

Without spoiling my determination to select ‘lighter’ options, I ordered the Mahi Mahi Taco to follow. For $128, you will receive two flour tortillas with a mixture of fish, sesame slaw, avocado, mango and orange salsa – all freshly made on the premises.

mahi mahi taco boomshackMahi Mahi Taco – Sesame slaw, avocado, mango and orange salsa and a flour tortilla.

I could not get enough of the banana nutella crepes whilst in Paris last October. As a consequence, quite naturally I ordered the Banana Nutella Waffle ($50) to wrap up the meal and appease my sweet tooth.

banana nutella waffle boomshack

So if you fancy something hip, fun and exciting, then tuck into Wo On Lan for a taste of Boomshack.

Boomshack Fast Food Hong Kong

Address: Shop B, 8-12 Wo On Ln, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: 2660 5977
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