Panda Peeks – Masitda Korean Restaurant

Panda Peeks – Masitda Korean Restaurant


Panda Peeks Mastida Korean

With the uprising of K-pop lovers in Hong Kong, it’s no surprise that Korean restaurants are sprouting everywhere – fried chicken, K-pop music, bright neon light are soaked in the genes of the common Korean restaurants. But Masitda is somehow different. She sits unassumingly on the side of Tung Choi Street, behind the array of stalls and bargaining merchants, watching as the street gets busier and busier towards lunch hour.

At peak hour, you may find yourself sharing your table with hungry strangers. Masitda is tiny and cozy, so it’s easy to peek over and see what the others are ordering (or simply lean over and ask if they’re enjoying the food :P). We visit the Masitda in a group of six, so we try our luck with these following yums.

1. Stone Pot Bibimbap (Chicken)

Panda Peeks Masitda Bimbimbap Chicken

If hot chocolate under a warm blanket is your thing, I bet you will also enjoy a sizzling, colourful Chicken Stone Pot Bibimbap ($68) in the cold weather. Most people tend to mix all the vegetables and meat right after it is served. But I tend to wait a bit longer so I could get the most of the crispy, golden rice at the bottom.

2. Spicy Tofu Soup with Beef

PP Mastida Spicy Tofu Soup

“To slurp or not to slurp; that is the question.” A big advantage about stone pot is that you can count on your food to be served super hot, but the down side is that you’ll have to wait a bit before diving into the spicy, flavourful Spicy Tofu Soup with Beef ($62). So slurp at your own risk 😉

3. Korean Fried Rice Cake with Noodles

Panda Peeks Mastida Korean Fried Rice Cake

No Korean meal is complete without Korean Fried Rice Cake with Noodles ($60). I prefer to call rice cakes “Tteokbokki” as I find it a very fitting name to these cute and chewy cylindrical rice rolls. Even though we’re a bit full after the Bibimbap and tofu soup, we seem to always find extra rooms for more sweet and spicy indulgence.

4. Ginseng Chicken Soup

Panda Peeks Masitda Korean

Wrapping up the meal with Ginseng Chicken Soup ($70) is totally a good idea.The chicken is cooked tender and carries the subtle amount of Ginseng hint that certainly does not hit you over the head. In Korea, ginseng chicken soup is drunk on distinct days of the lunar calendar to maintain health and wellness. Take a sip of health-enhancing magic soup will certainly get you going for the rest of the day.

If you happen to hang out around Mongkok for Christmas shopping, you should check out Masitda out for a quick meal to warm your belly before you go for more shopping.

Masitda Korean Restaurant
Tai Fung House
24 Tung Choi St, Mong Kok
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