Panda Peeks – Sohofama

Panda Peeks – Sohofama

Many have wondered down Bridges street up in Soho and had a peek down through brightly coloured fairy lights onto groups of friends sitting on large, rustic wooden benches, chatting away over steaming dim sum baskets and sipping on elaborate cocktails, hidden in a nook seemingly underground.

With a secret staircase from above or access via the versatile open forum of Aberdeen Street’s PMQ, we find Sohofama, the much relished collaboration child of Sai Ying Pun’s Locofama and Hong Kong knick knack store, Goods of Desire. Past the modest dining area located in the main shop front, one has to venture deep to find the massive terrace laid out back, complete with bird cage decorations and a fully stocked bar.


Keeping up with sister store, Locofama’s organically sourced recipes and ingredients, Sohofama has a range of gluten free, organic and healthy living options throughout its menu, however, takes on a much more Asian inspired theme through both the food and in the drinks.


Hot and Sour soup with Seafood and Pork


I dug into my first dish, Hot and Sour soup with Seafood and Pork ($58). As per the straightforward description, the initial thoughts that go along with my first chomp is that it is, in fact, hot and sour. The broth is thick and full of chunky portions of wood ear, tofu and carrot, along with the mince pork and plump prawns. Each bite is filled with a plethora of textures from chewy, to spongy to light as a feather, and each totally full of flavour. The clay pot keeps the stew nice and warm, giving diners a chance to have a dip into their other courses while it maintains it heat ready for seconds.


Roselle Juice Punch


The restaurant is well known for its afternoon cool down sessions, where cocktails are shaken up and enjoyed as the sun is going down. With a variety of wines and spirits brewed with local ingredients, as well as some more international brands for the slightly less adventurous, everyone in the party will be able to pick out their favourite tipple, and maybe even share a glass or two to get a taste of everyone’s pick. I decided to opt for one of their top recommended mocktails, the Roselle Juice Punch ($58), which contained lychee juice, apple juice and juice from the more unusual fruit, siraitia, a blend that was dry, yet fizzy and the perfect way to refresh my palette between each portion.


Xiao Long Bao w/ Organic Danish Pork


The next tray to appear is no stranger to us Hong Kong locals, as a basket filled with steaming Xiao Long Bao w/ Organic Danish Pork ($68) is just the thing to get anyone’s stomach rumbling. Perfect packages of steamed saucy goodness sit quaintly ready to be dunked into a sour sauce and swallowed whole. Luckily I took my time taking pictures like a true foodie so they had a little time to cool off. Even saying that, I still had to have my first dumpling in two bites as the warm juices inside were still ready for a sizzling liquid explosion. Pro tip: Be sure to have a napkin or a plate below you as these little baos can be rather unpredictable, or better yet, grab a spoon so you don’t have to sacrifice a single drop.


Australian Organic Beef w/ Organic Raw Egg on Quinoa


While we all know the very important rule of “the camera eats first”, photographers will have to up their speed for the next course. The Australian Organic Beef w/ Organic Raw Egg on Quinoa ($138) is to be stirred up as soon as it arrives to ensure the runny egg yolk is cooked up into a creamy dressing over the beef strips and crunchy quinoa. Once the dish is ready to be served into little bowls for sharing, the warmed base and salty meat are just the way to finish off lunch feeling nicely satisfied and full of pure ingredients that will leave you feeling guilt free and ready to conquer the day.

Unit SG09-SG14, G/F., Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central
Open Mon to Sun, 12pm – 11pm
Or order Sohofama from foodpanda.

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Contributing Editor

Born in London and whisked away to Hong Kong at 2 years old, I have grown up surrounded by fast paced cultures and international events. They have shaped my attitude to the world from a young age: the world is small and I want to explore it all.


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