Panda Peeks – The Restaurant by the Kinnet

Panda Peeks – The Restaurant by the Kinnet

As we pass the mid-Jan point, and the temptations to stray from our proud New Years resolutions start to get stronger, us pandas are here to bring you back some epic guilt-free options that will keep your spirit on the healthy track. This week we’ve been back down our neck of the woods in Sheung Wan to explore the revolutionary wellness centre, The Kinnet. With goals of sharpening mind, body and spirit through exercise creativity and good food, The Kinnet Cafe offers an all rounded experience for all you health buffs out there.

Our wonderful host, Sayure explained to me how customers are able to utilize the studios below the restaurant for painting classes, yoga, pilates and even use the gym before popping up the glamorous stairs and sipping on an energising juice blend to complete the holistic session.

Smoked Salmon Bowl


To start, I set my eyes on the Smoked Salmon Bowl ($118), which consisted of a selection of carefully cooked items, spread out and complimenting each other in one aromatic bite. While there is no right or wrong way to consume this dish, I found the best way to be mixing the ingredients together into a saucy blend making sure no flavour combinations could be missed. The char grilled corn on the cob, sour and spicy kimchi, along with the creamy spinach, were heated just right to warm the fresh smoked salmon. And the brown rice meant I got to walk away feeling light, airy and very satisfied.

Buckwheat Soba Salad


My next pick off the detailed menu was a Buckwheat Soba Salad ($85). The impressive presentation made me almost not want to dig in (only almost…). We’ve all seen our fair share of #yolkporn online, but being in charge of stirring in the perfectly soft boiled egg is enough to make anyone feel content. The cool noodles sitting in a light, salty broth with a variety of shredded veg, was just the thing to reset my taste buds and get me feeling ready for the rest of the afternoon.




Of course I couldn’t go without trying one of their signature juices, and was recommended to have a go with their most popular choice, the Sunrise ($60) a combination of fruits and veg, stunning in it’s deep purple colour and a great round off to a great meal. As a quick panda tip, I recommend not downing it all at once before your food arrives or you may not have room for much more. And trust us, you’ll need it!


Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie


While I generally see myself more as an appetizer kind of girl, I could resist the immaculate display of home cooked desserts. With a selection of gluten free and sugar free options, the tarts, cakes and other baked goods catch your eye instantly behind a crisp glass case (no doubt placed there to stop drooling mouths ruining the pastries). I dug in to one of their signature Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies ($15), still warm from the oven. Dough to choc ratio was spot on and the ooey gooey texture of the bake left me letting out a big satisfactory head nod directed at the chefs.

Hanging out on the terrace, which seemed a hidden paradise within the busy streets of Hong Kong island was the brilliant getaway for the short city lunch hours, and will definitely have at least one hungry panda visiting again soon.

Before I said my farewells to the customer-made artwork sprawled on the walls and the pretty poinsettias planted outside reminiscent of Christmas, our host Sayure gave us her own personal favourite menu selection, the Roasted Chicken Tartine ($85) which I’ll be popping back in to dig my teeth into! Be sure to check them out and let us know what your top picks are!

The Kinnet/The Restaurant by the Kinnet

Hillier Building, 33 Hillier St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
+852 3968 7600
Open Monday-Saturday, 7.30am-10pm, Closed on Sundays

Or order The Restaurant by the Kinnet from foodpanda.

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