10 Cheese Dishes in HK That’ll Make Your Mouth Water

10 Cheese Dishes in HK That’ll Make Your Mouth Water

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Cheese may not be a traditional Asian recipe ingredient, but in recent times it’s become increasingly popular in Hong Kong as a choice for vegetarians and foodie adventurists. From comfort dishes to Italian family recipes, US fusion dishes, Mexican fare and even high class French food, this tasty ingredient is certainly catching on in Hong Kong. If you want to know where to get your cheese going in Hong Kong then read on for our guide to the best ten restaurants.

1 Quattro Formaggi Pizza @ Al Forno Pizza Hong Kong

al forno quattro formaggi

Top Italian meals that include it as a main topping include margherita and quattro formaggi pizza which are both available at Al Forno Pizza. Although options for cheese pizza hk are found all across the city, at Al Forno they come with an authentic thin and crispy crust. The pizzeria also serves delicious fried mozzarella sticks. Prices for pizzas start at HK $70.00.

Address: Shop 2, UG/F, 41-49 Aberdeen St, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2898 3833
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2 Cheese Macaroni @ Italy House

Italy House | foodpanda Magazine

Over at Italy House cheesy pasta meals such as lasagne or macaroni with bacon start at around HK $60.00 Italy House is a great choice when you want to feed a crowd as it also serves curries, salads and risottos.

Address: G/F, 6A Kam Hong Street, North Point, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2562 8999
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3 Cheese Bacon Macaroni @ Stone Nullah Tavern

Stone Nullah Tavern | foodpanda Magazine

Stone Nullah is a popular western style diner where they also serve macaroni but with a choice of toppings such as bacon or black truffle. Cheesy starters include gorgonzola slaw. Main meals at Stone Nullah are priced from HK $100-200.

Address: G/F, 69 Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 3182 0128
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4 Cheese Macaroni @ The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse | foodpanda Magazine


The Roundhouse bar also serves macaroni but as a side, best enjoyed along with one of the many craft beers on tap. The Roundhouse main meals are priced at around HK $100.

Address: 62 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2366 4880
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5 Swiss Cheese Burger @ Texas Burger

Texas Burger | foodpanda Magazine

The US invented the mighty cheese burger, when they took the humble hamburger and added the ultimate slice of Cheddar, Swiss or Monterrey Jack to finish it off. Cheeseburgers, as well as sides such as mozzarella sticks and chilli cheese fries, can be enjoyed at the popular US food joint, Texas Burger. Burgers at Texas Burger are priced from HK $100.

Address: G/F, 109 Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2805 7811
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6 Nickel and Dime Burger @ The Diner

The Diner | foodpanda Magazine

The Diner is an equally popular US grill and burger joint, with patriotically named Nickel and Dime burgers, both served with a generous slice. The Diner also serves delicious mac and cheese balls as a side order. Burgers are priced from HK $120.

Address: G/F, 4-8 Arbuthnot Road, Central Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2562 3181
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7 French Grilled Cheese Sandwich @ Butcher & Baker

Butcher & Baker | foodpanda Magazine


Those looking for cheesy snacks on the go can enjoy a delicious baked camembert cheese. At Butcher & Baker it’s aptly named ‘ooey gooey camembert’ and is served with toast sticks for dipping. Butcher & Baker also serve Croque Monsieur/Madame, a french cheese grilled sandwich with an optional egg.

Address: G/F, On Fat Building, 57-59 Cadogan Street, Kennedy Town, Western District, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2591 0328
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8 French Breakfast Omelette @ Flying Pan

omelette flying pan

The Flying Pan is a fabulous cafe option that has an extensive menu of western, mainly breakfast style foods. Cheesy choices include grilled sandwiches and french omelettes, both of which start at around HK$70. Each are popular meals at this award winning busy cafe in Old Bailey Street.

Address: G/F 9 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2528 9997
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9 Cheese Quesadillas @ Little Burro

Little Burro | foodpanda Magazine


Tex-Mex cuisine also contains some of this magic ingredient, as it’s found in burritos, quesadillas, tacos and nachos, all of which can be enjoyed at the popular Little Burro. This restaurant is an affordable option with main meals at Little Burro costing under HK $80.00

Address: 1 Upper Station St, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2547 8821
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10 Crackers & Cheese @ Libertine Bistro

Libertine Bistro | foodpanda Magazine

For the true connoisseur a cheese and crackers board platter is the only answer. Platters at Libertine Bistro are some of the best in city and are priced at HK $180. They come with a wide selection of cheeses and are ideal as a snack for a group … or perhaps just for yourself.

Address: 24-26 Aberdeen St, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2858 2022
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This ingredient isn’t just enjoyed in Hong Kong’s eateries. Goat cheese, roquefort cheese and gouda cheeseare all in demand for home cooking and the increase in online cheese shop options means getting hold of it is easier than ever, allowing residents to baked home recipes such as cheese tart.

But whether you want a quality cheese and crackers platter for a meeting, or you want to entertain clients with a night out at a cheese fondue restaurant, Hong Kong is home to some of the best western restaurants in Asia, especially those that know how to prepare deliciously authentic cheesy dishes.

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