Sichuan Food in Hong Kong – Top Of The Town

Sichuan Food in Hong Kong – Top Of The Town

Living in a hot and humid city, we rarely need to search for food that will heat us from the inside, and yet, we just cannot get enough of Sichuan food in Hong Kong. Can’t remember what Sichuan food is? Let me explain. Sichuan is a cuisine originating from the Southwest Chinese Sichuan province. There are plenty of dishes that come from this style; rice, noodles, dumplings, meats, fish etc. but the most prominent ingredient featured throughout is chili. And a lot of it! For those who aren’t used to a more spicy spread, perhaps a glass of milk might accompany your dinner, but if you’re ready to brave the heat, this is the perfect food tour on Sichaun Food in Hong Kong for you!

Sichuan House

Sichuan Homemade Spicy Fried Rice (Sichuan)

Sichuan Homemade Spicy Fried Rice $138

What’s in it?

This spicy dish contains chicken, pork, shrimp, various vegetables and the restaurant’s signature chili powder. The ingredients are very similar to that of the Hong Kong favourite Yeung Chow fried rice, but with one particular difference, no peas. The Sichuan style is not only about having spicy foods, but utilising various spices and flavours in order to boost the elements within the meal making every bite as tasty as the last.

What is the secret?

The menu contains a blend of influences, which caters to a wide variety of diners. Half the menu is strictly Sichuan, while the other half takes influence from the best qualities of foreign cuisines. The kitchen uses only the freshest of ingredients with such skill and precision to stay true to the Sichuan style food in Hong Kong.

What sets them apart?

The assistant manager, Sunny, was happy to give us the low down on each dish and stood close by incase some emergency cool water was needed as the course went on. Being in the heart of the central district, there are plenty of restaurants, whatever the cuisine, nearby. Sichuan house prides itself on being accommodating to each customer, making sure the food won’t blow their heads off, but also introducing them to a range of plates that will ensure everyone on the table leaves feeling satisfied. Plus you know you are in for a shock when the restaurant billboard states in bold red letter “We dare you!”

Address: 1/F, M88, 2 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Facebook Page:

Mask of Si Chuen & Beijing
Wonton in Garlic and Chili Sauce (Sichuan)

Wonton in Garlic and Sichuan Chili Sauce

What’s in it?

Two versions of this classic order are available at the Mask of Si Chuen & Beijing restaurant; go for the classic pork dumpling or perhaps try the vegetarian option which contains fresh spinach and mushroom perfectly packed into little packages and serve in a sweet little flower dish. The chili sauce which lurks below is a concoction of recooked soya sauce tossed with sugar, garlic and plenty of chili. Stir is all up and you have a sweet and spicy blend.

What is the secret?

Typical Sichuan catering is very focused on meat and making sure the hero of the dish is accompanied with vibrant flavours and proficient plating. Here they have taken those key aspects of the cuisine and adapted the menu to be more veggie friendly, by having a vegetarian menu all on its own. Using tofu and mock meats made out of soya bean, the chefs are able to replicate traditional courses for all dietary requirements.

What sets them apart?

The large dining area comes alive with the large hanging masks, which almost follow you as you walk around the room. The warm lights and plentiful décor almost make it impossible to focus on the extensive list of foodie options. Private rooms able to host large groups of friends are available for booking, some even with fancy sliding doors or hidden entrances for extra secrecy.

Address: Shop No. 33, G/F, East Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/maskofsichuenandbeijing


Dandan Soul Food from Sichuan


Sichuan Ban Mian Noodles 1 (Sichuan)

Sichuan Ban Mian Noodles 2 (Sichuan)

Sichuan Ban Mian Noodles

What’s in it?

The Ban Mian made in a traditional yet fast food style, containing sesame, scallions, bean sprouts and pickled veggies to give a full textured chomp. The Sichuan noodles are placed delicately on top of the hot, spicy goodness underneath, almost tricking you into thinking you’ll be able to handle the heat.

What is the secret?

When making your choice you are presenting a lamenated form asking the dreaded question “How hot do you like it?” Consider this carefully as we realised later from our receipt that our “hot” option actually meant “extra hot”! Deciding to not go for the top ranking, Sichuan, is a choice my mouth will thank me for. You may believe you’re impressing your date by choosing the hottest option, but they won’t be too pleased when their lips are on fire during your sweet goodbyes!

What sets them apart?

While only a small venue, the noodles attract plenty of business people taking their lunch breaks as well as heat seekers of the evening challenging their friends to see who can swallow the most. Talented and efficient chefs are able to handle the quick turnaround and pump out enough tongue numbing noodies for the all the hungry foodies. The high demand has sent all the pandas into a scurry to call for delivery just before the midday rush.

Address: Grand Millenium Plaza, 181 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Facebook Page:


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