Single Girls Guide To Valentine’s Day

Single Girls Guide To Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again, which can be a bit of a drag for those of you that aren’t exactly feeling the love. But just because you don’t have a special someone around, doesn’t mean to can’t celebrate and have a good time.

So forget about the roses and buy yourself some chocolate because you don’t need anyone to make yourself happy!

Binge Watch Movies

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You can torture yourself even more by watching all those romantic comedies on TV while crying into your ice-cream, or you can put on some kick-ass movies to empower you. Grab yourself a take out and some well-deserved snacks, hop into bed and chill out by yourself.

Recommend movies are:

  • Legally Blonde
  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • Miss Congeniality

Girls Night Out

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What better excuse is there to head out with your friends and enjoy some cocktails, than Valentines Day? You can avoid the booked out restaurants and tacky decorations and dance your worries away. You never know, you could meet a special someone on the dance floor.

Retail Therapy

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Instead of wasting your money on an overpriced dinner with a mediocre partner, you can be buying some life changing outfits to wear instead. Not only will you have a tone of fun but you’ll also get some cute new clothes to make you feel great without someone’s hand to hold.

Dinner Party

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Save the fancy restaurants and crowded tables for the couples out there. Grab together a group of friends (preferably single) and cook up a storm. You can each bring a dish or just order in with a couple of bottles of wine and gossip, laugh and enjoy yourself because if you’re surrounded by good friends you don’t need anyone else.

Dinner Party Take Outs:
Jamie’s Italian
Bread Street Kitchen & Bar

Pamper Night

Single Valentines

Sometimes you’ve just got to spoil yourself and what better way then taking yourself to the spa. Whether it’s a relaxing massage to relieve your stresses or a manicure to glam yourself up. If you’re looking for something a little more budget then pampering yourself at home is just as effective! Looking good makes you feel good, so why not treat yourself ?

Don’t worry there’s always next year!

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