Streetviews – Soho

Streetviews – Soho

Hong Kong is the home to plenty of must-see tourist destinations, one being the longest outdoor escalator system in the world. This 800 metre structure travels from the second tallest building in the city, IFC, all the way up to Mid-Levels, home to thousands of Hong Kong residents.

To get to the top though, you have to pass through one of the swankiest areas on the island, SoHo, the home to a buffet of upmarket bars, restaurants and hangout spots. Here you’ll find the streets scattered with Sunday Funday post-brunch meet ups, Food & Wine festivals and venues popping up and disappearing within an eye’s blink.

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Cyrus, 28, born in Hong Kong

Cyrus | foodpanda Magazine

From Hong Kong to New Zealand to Hong Kong to Australia and back to Hong Kong again, this young car enthusiast has certainly had his share of international education. Although he lives within the large open spaces of the Gold Coast, Hong Kong, he makes his daily commute up the streets of SoHo where he works in Hazel and Hershey. Cyrus loves the range of restaurants around him and getting to know the workers and customers alike. The great community and friendly locals keep each day fresh.

Hazel and Hershey | @hazelnhershey
69 Peel Street, Central | https://www.hazelnhershey.com/ | Daily 10am – 7pm
Step inside this colourful little store where you will be greeted by the large open bar, ultra friendly baristas and famous Nitro Brew, a cold coffee that’ll keep you energised all day! With both an inside and outside area, this has become a favourite working spot for plenty of regulars who are all known on first name and usual drink basis!

62 Peel Street, Central | http://roundhouse.com.hk/ | Daily 12pm – 12am
Just across the road from the above cafe is Roundhouse, the first ever taproom in Hong Kong. If you’re feeling particularly ‘Murican, his spot offers a large variety of Craft Beers; draft, bottled and canned, to go along with the Texan style Barbecue.

51 Elgin Street, Soho, Central | http://www.santorinihongkong.hk/ | Daily 12pm – 12am
Try the baked cheese at this Greek cafe-restaurant right off the escalator. Even though the space is smaller than the surrounding venues, the traditional Greek island architecture provides a cosy and intimate setting perfect to impress your date.

Pat, 31, been in Hong Kong 22 years

Pat | foodpanda Magazine

Having moved to the city at just 9 years old, Pat has worked his way to become an established part of the SoHo district. He has been running the popular neighbourhood pub, The Globe, since its expansion onto Graham Street and is soon to be venturing out on his own and opening a new establishment. While the main part of SoHo has plenty of tasty restaurants and bars, Pat recommends everyone to venture to go further than Elgin and Staunton street to find some hidden gems with great quality beers, food and service!

Motu Kiwi | @motukiwihk
Shop B, Ground Floor, Nos. 41-43 Graham Street, Central District | Tues-Fri 12pm – 11pm; Sat 10am – 11pm; Sun 10am – 4pm
Whether you’re feeling homesick or just fancy a good meal out, you can get your perfect New Zealand fix at the top of Central Market. The simple, family friendly food is made with Fijian influence, and the friendly owners are sure to complete your Kiwi experience.

Yardbird | @yardbirdhk
33-35 Bridges Street, Sheung Wan | http://yardbirdrestaurant.com/ | Mon-Sat 6pm – 12am
What came first; the beer or the chicken? We prefer it when they come at the same time. Stop by Yardbird for some Japanese style chicken dishes. Pat’s favourite is the chicken ventricles. Not for the faint-hearted! (Get it?)

The Bottle Shop | @TheBottleShophk
Shop 1, 17 Bridges Street, Central District | http://thebottleshop.hk/shop/ | Tues-Fri 3pm – 12am; Sat-Sun 12pm – 12am
The popularity and demand of beer is always growing in Hong Kong, luckily action has been taken and plenty of taverns and taprooms are making their grand entry to the city. This concept liquor store has a huge selection of spirits to go along with their rotating beer taps offering exciting and refreshing new brews every few weeks.

Kate Allen |
Contributing Editor

Born in London and whisked away to Hong Kong at 2 years old, I have grown up surrounded by fast paced cultures and international events. They have shaped my attitude to the world from a young age: the world is small and I want to explore it all.


Article Written By Team foodpanda

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