Top of the Town: 3 Tapas dishes you must try!

Top of the Town: 3 Tapas dishes you must try!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand that choosing which dish you want for dinner is probably the hardest decision you will ever make. The nightly struggle that always results in your neighbours having some spoonfuls nicked from their plates as they head for a bathroom break. While some pals may fall for the “if I get this and you get that, we can just put it in the middle and mix and match!” but not everyone has such fancy. That is why tapas is pure genius, mini plates full of fun; seafood, meat, veggies and all in perfect bite sized bowls so you can get your fix of all the restaurant has to offer.

WTF Spanish Restaurant & Bar
Esparragos con Jamon Serrano $138

Esparagus Con Jamon Serrano (Tapas)

What’s in it?
Pretty much says on the tin what it is, but let’s go a little deeper. Fresh, bright asparagus boiled to perfection and wrapped in bold Serrano ham placed delicately on top a pile of green salad. Accompanied with a glass of the classic WTF red sangria, the crisp flavours illuminate. It’s a fiesta in my mouth and everyone is invited!

What is the secret?

I ask carefully as the kind hostess talks about the pride of the restaurant, how they treat every customer as an individual, carefully catering to each dining needs. Creating a menu specific to the mood, atmosphere and how much rumbling is emanating from table’s guests. The secrets of the dishes, however, are locked within the kitchen.

What sets them apart?
Not only does the large range of tapas excite the eyes as you make the difficult decision of narrowing down your choices, and the food being freshly cooked in the kitchen, the helpful and friendly staff are there to answer any questions and provide a comfortable dining experience. The restaurant is also located just below soho where the vibrant atmosphere buzzes throughout both day and night calling for a visit any day of the week.
Address: G/F, 9 Elgin Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WTFhongkong/


RA Restaurant & Bar
Salt and Pepper Prawns $125

Salt and Pepper Prawns 2 (Tapas)

What’s in it?
The delicately seasoned shellfish are rolled in flour and deep-fried before being lavished in homemade chili sauce alive with garlic and spices. The layers of salad underneath mixed with the zesty dressing give your mouth some relief if you aren’t too good with the heat.

What is the secret?
The secret is there is no secret! Our waiter tells it how it is, the good food, good music and good chat invite crowds to come and come again. He’s excited to get us to try their Spell Bound $95 cocktail, a blend of fruity liquers that will cool your mouth down as you bite into the spicy dishes. My nervous face was obvious after he mentioned he would make the prawns extra spicy just for us, but no need to fear, they will cater to any level of spice tolerance!


What sets them apart?

This Moroccan tapas joint is booming with multi-sensory enjoyment. The warm colours, traditional décor, funky lamps, beautiful belly dancers and fruity aromas of shisha mean you can’t miss this hotspot as you walk down the main Salisbury Road of Tsim Sha Tsui East. The owner walks around his establishment proudly as happy drinkers and diners laugh loudly and enjoy their unique cocktails and delicious food.

Address: Shop 1, G/F, Wing On Plaza, 62 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RASushi



Channel 3 Tapas Bar and Restaurant
Baked Mussel w/ Stuffed Rice & Cheese

Baked Mussel w_ Stuffd Rice & Cheese (Tapas)

What’s in it?

I love me a long plate, I do. This particular long plate comes with a layer of salad (there seems to be a theme here!) topped with mussel shells stuffed with Arborio rice, mussel meat and squid. The creamy sauce connects all the elements of the mouth sized portions and give one big flavoursome, textured bite.

What is the secret?

The small bar and restaurant is hidden away on Tung Choi street, surrounded by other little venues which are all overflowing with people, even at 9:30pm on a Tuesday evening.  The Spanish food comes with a chinese twist, attracting plenty of locals to enjoy this fusion of cultures. The kitchen is apart of the small bar area, and each meal is prepared from scratch just 3 feet from the bar-sitters enjoying European beers from prominent glasses.

What sets them apart?

While the staff’s English may not be the best, their smiling faces and confident knowledge of the menu means they can happily explain which dishes are a must try and come along to check you’re having a good time frequently. We sat by the beer taps as all the tables were full of groups of friends enjoying the Spanish music and playing games.

Address: G/F, 228 Tung Choi St, Prince Edward
Facebook Page:

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