Ten Great Places To Eat Hot Pot in Hong Kong

Ten Great Places To Eat Hot Pot in Hong Kong

A staple of cuisines the world over, a great hot pot is the perfect dinner for quashing big appetites. There’s plenty of fabulous varieties on offer, from seafood specials to meaty slow-cooked dishes bursting with big flavours. Looking for the best hotpot in Hong Kong? We’ve put together a list of ten of the best.

1 Hot Pot @ Seansin Seafood Hotpot Experts

Seansin Seafood Hotpot Experts | foodpanda MagazineSource

Treat your taste buds to this authentic hot pot recipe from the chefs at Seansin Seafood in Causeway Bay. Slow cooked for tenderness, this dish is bursting with big flavours and beautifully succulent ingredients.

Address: Gofuku Tower, Woosung Street, Jordan, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2677 6488
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2 Quality Hot Pot Dishes @ Light Vegetarian Restaurant

Light Vegetarian Restaurant | foodpanda MagazineSource

There’s plenty to try at Light Vegetarian Restaurant, with heaps of veggie-friendly options for the herbivores amongst you. Try the mushroom curry with deep fried Chinese dough, or indulge with the mixed veggie and seafood pot. Perfect for Chinese fondue lovers.

Address: Kowloon, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2384 2833
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3 Spicy Vegetarian Beef Pot @ Paramita Vegetarian Restaurant

Paramita Vegetarian Restaurant | foodpanda MagazineSource

If you love big flavours, but need a veggie option, try this spicy vegetarian beef recipe from Paramita. Great food that’s full in flavour.

Address: Wah Ying Building, 14-20 Shelter St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2881 8992
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4 Braised Sliced Mutton @ 彩雲南 Yunnan Rainbow

彩雲南 Yunnan Rainbow | foodpanda MagazineSource

Take your pick from a brilliant buffet of delicious dishes at Yunnan Rainbow. We recommend the braised slice mutton, slowly stewed for spectacularly succulent morsels that melt in the mouth.

Address: 18 號 地下, Wah Ying Building, 14-20 Shelter St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2881 8992
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5 Hot Pot @ Seadragon Restaurant

Seadragon Restaurant | foodpanda MagazineSource

Order in from Seadragon Restaurant if you’re after the authentic taste of Chinese hot spot. You’ve plenty to choose from, but their signature special will really impress.

Address: 37 Tung Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2690 0936
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6 House Special @ Lai Bun Fu 禮賓傅

Lai Bun Fu 禮賓傅 | foodpanda MagazineSource

If you’re ordering from Lai Bun Fu, order their signature pot special, filled with delicious ingredients including braised abalone, scallops and Shitake mushrooms.

Address: 18 On Lan St, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: 2564 3868
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7 Sichuan Hot Pot @ Sam Xi Lou

Sam Xi Lou | foodpanda MagazineSource

Sam Xi Lou know how to make a great hot pot. Their Sichuan special is guaranteed to delight, with fresh ingredients and a slowly cooked recipe to bring out flavours and provide an incredibly succulent bite.

Address: Coda Plaza, 51 Garden Rd, Central, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2838 8811
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8 Delicious Soups @ Megan’s Kitchen

Megan's Kitchen | foodpanda MagazineSource

You’ve plenty of choice at Megan’s Kitchen. Their homemade soup base is certainly one to watch out for, while their Sichuan super hot chilli is perfect for those prefer fiery bites and intense flavours. Also check out their English oxtail soup and Japanese Miso tofu soup.

Address: Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2866 8305
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9 Hot Pot @ Shing Kee Noodles

Shing Kee Noodles | foodpanda MagazineSource

Shing Kee Noodles make a great hot pot. Indulge with their house special for a dish that’s loaded with fresh produce, a deliciously rich sauce and plenty of mouth-watering morsels that’ll satisfy every appetite.

Address: Lek Yuen Estate Market, Sha Tin, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2692 6611
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10 Classic Hot Pot @ Golden Valley

Golden Valley | foodpanda MagazineSource

Order in from Golden Valley for a hot pot with plenty of kick. Freshly made to order, this slow-cooked special brings out the innate natural flavours of every ingredient for an incredibly satisfying meal you’ll want to enjoy again and again.

Address: 1A Wang Tak St, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2961 3330
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