Thanksgiving in Hong Kong – 10 plates that feel and taste like home

Thanksgiving in Hong Kong –  10 plates that feel and taste like home

It is the time of the year to come together with friends and family, embrace our loved ones and of course delight ourselves with the hearty foods that Thanksgiving has to offer. If you are a Expat looking for a way to celebrate this holiday or you just like to indulge on the scrumptious foods of Thanksgiving, we have found THE places and dishes to gobble down your favorite dishes. Enjoy the start of the Holiday season with our favorite finds of Thanksgiving foods in Hong Kong.

1. Charred Brussel Sprouts from Stone Nullah Tavern

2. The Beautiful Turkey from Stone Nullah Tavern

3. The Thanksgiving Feast from CRT PIT

4. The Beautiful Thanksgiving Mash from CRFT PIT

5. The Thanksgiving Cranberry Stuffing from Blue Butcher

6. Thanksgiving Set Dinner from Common Room

7. The Westwood Carvery Whole Thanksgiving Turkey

8. Morty´s delicious Turkey Roast

9. Morty´s Thanksgiving Apple Pie

10. Charcoal roasted Thanksgiving Turkey with Shallot Mash and glazed baby carrots from Limewood

11. The full Thanksgiving Menu from Lily and Bloom

12. The Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey from Feast

13. Last but definitely not least – Dessert Pumpkin Pie from Feast – Enjoy!

What is your favorite place to go for Thanksgiving in Hong Kong?
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