We Crunched The Numbers To Find Out Which Hong Kong’s Most Popular Food Delivery Orders Are

We Crunched The Numbers To Find Out Which Hong Kong’s Most Popular Food Delivery Orders Are

In a culturally diverse city such as Hong Kong, food is a very wide subject area. There’s lots of choice and different cuisines to enjoy, and new ideas and styles are always welcomed and celebrated here. Business entertaining, friends informal eating, family dinners and everything in between makes up a lively and vibrant food scene.

However, what if you’re from out of town and you want a great, budget lunch fast? Or perhaps you’re entertaining clients and want a sure fire hit to impress, from one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong? Or perhaps you even need some fine dishes for an impromptu drinks party?

Then look no further than our list of the ten most popular food delivery choices, they’ve all passed the taste test many times. However, whatever you order, remember it’s your choice, anything goes, and enjoy!

Position #1 Salad Box @ MANA! Slow Fast Food Hong Kong

Salad Box @ MANA! Fast Slow Food Hong Kong | foodpanda MagazineSource

MANA! Slow Fast Food have lunch all sewn up with their ‘Salad Box’, fresh and wonderful, just choose five salads to go in your lunch box!

Restaurant Address: 92 Wellington St, Hong Kong
Order a Salad Box online

Position #2 Margharita Pizza @ Pizza Express

Margharita Pizza @ Pizza Express | foodpanda MagazineSource

An oldie, but a good one for Hong Kong food delivery, Pizza Express delivers Margharita Pizzas better than anyone else could. Why not order some dough balls or salad, too?

Restaurant Address: Hong Kong, 赤柱赤柱大街90號 Apple Mall – Stanley
Order a Margharita Pizza online

Position #3 Pho Noodle Soup @ Noodle-Mi

Pho Noodle Soup @ Noodle-Mi | foodpanda MagazineSource

What can we say – foodpanda fans simply love Noodle-Mi’s Pho noodle soup – freshly cooked and one time, always.

Restaurant Address: Hong Kong, 上環文咸東街2號地下
Order Pho Soup online

Position #4 Salmon Sashimi @ Ninoen Japanese Shop

Salmon Sashimi @ Ninoen Japanese Shop | foodpanda MagazineSource

Ninoen Japanese Shop is a Hong Kong restaurant which has lovely fresh fish and other Japanese delicacies, and it seems like you just can’t get enough of its Salmon Sashimi. Great for events, and a warming dish on the dinner table!

Restaurant Address: Hong Kong, 佐敦寧波街27-31號地下
Order Salmon Sashimi online

Position #5 Kimchi Fries @ Seoul Brothers

Kimchi Fries @ Seoul Brothers | foodpanda MagazineSource

Hip eatery Seoul Brothers have completed more successful Kimchi Fries orders than any other of our restaurants this month. Recently brought over from Korea, healthy Kimchi is fast becoming a firm favourite.

Restaurant Address: 66 Hollywood Rd, UG/F, 66 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong Island
Order Kimchi Fries online

Position #6 For 2 People @ La Rotisserie

For two People @ La Rotisserie | foodpanda MagazineSource

We long knew that La Rotisserie’s ‘For 2 People’ menu item is an abolute hit. Thankfully you agree with us -classic and delicious!

Restaurant Address: 19 Amoy St, Hong Kong
Order For Two People online

Position #7 Burritos @ Little Burro

Burritos @ Little Burro | foodpanda MagazineSource

Little Burro in Soho is one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong for Mexican food. It’s no surprise you’re on the hunt for more Burritos, Salsa and Chips from this vendor.

Restaurant Address: 1 Upper Station St, Hong Kong
Order Burritos online

Position #8 Pepperoni Pizza @ Paisano’s (Central location)

Pepperoni Pizza @ Paisano's (Central location) | foodpanda MagazineSource

Fans of spicy food simply adore Paisano’s (Central location) for its delicious Pepperoni Pizzas. Try a portion of extra cheese, maybe?

Restaurant Address: Hong Kong, 中環擺花街9號地下
Order Pepperoni Pizza online

Position #9 Pad Thai @ Koh Thai

Pad Thai @ Koh Thai | foodpanda MagazineSource

If you like Pad Thai noodles, try those made at one of the best Thai restaurants in Hong Kong, Koh Thai at the Mid Level location. On foodpanda Hong Kong, this one’s a superstar!

Restaurant Address: Hong Kong, 灣仔莊士敦道60號嘉薈軒1樓
Order Pad Thai online 

Position #10 Salt and Pepper Chicken @ Chicken On the Run Mid-level

Salt and Pepper Chicken @ Chicken On the Run Mid-level | foodpanda MagazineSource

Hong Kongers love Chicken and at Chicken On the Run Mid-level location, with chefs preparing dozens of different variations of Salt and Pepper Chicken for delivery. Keep it up!

Restaurant Address: Shop A, Lower Ground Floor, 1 Prince’s Terrace, Mid-levels
Order Salt and Pepper Chicken online

Hungry much?

Order food delivery online | foodpanda Magazine

As is visible above above, the number of menu choices and dishes available on foodpanda delivery Hong Kong are unparalleled. Eat healthily and expland your horizon with ever expanding cuisine categories. Put simply, dine without fuss whenever and wherever you want.

Delivery also cuts out the need to drive, join queues and waste a lot of time in traffic. Instead, choose to relax at home and let foodpanda do the work.

Article Written By Team foodpanda


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