Where to get the best Pork Belly dishes in Hong Kong

Where to get the best Pork Belly dishes in Hong Kong

Roasted pork belly that locks in flavours makes it the perfect component that can go with pretty much anything. These tender and succulent delights are just too good to share.

Korean Pork Bibimbap at K-Bites

What’s in it?

Grilled pork belly Bibimbap served with hot spring egg, sautéed and seasoned vegetables and garnished with sesame seeds

What’s so special?


Bibimbap is all about mixing everything together so that the ingredients are well combined. Here, the taste of pork belly slices still stands out even after mixing. The meat is moist and tender and exudes a strong smell of sesame oil. And that yellow goodness oozed in the bowl! The spring egg brings out the creaminess and smoothness of the bowl.

Why we love it?
Unlike many traditional Bibimbap bowls that come served with gochujang sauce, this bowl at K Bites puts the focus on the simple and natural taste of the pork and vegetables. Slight touch of sesame oil and the sprinkle of sesame give just the right amount of punchy taste. Also, this Bibimbap is not served in a stone pot and the raw egg is not cooked against the sides. Egg yolk coats everything else in the bowl to give the creamy texture capturing a mouth full of flavours.

Address: 25-33 Hau Wo Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 12pm – 3pm; 6pm – 10pm
Tue Closed

Pork Belly Com Ga at Cóm Bánh Mì


What’s in it?

Caramel braised pork belly on chicken broth steamed rice, served with a spoonful of ginger and spring onion dipping paste and garnished with fresh herbs, carrots and cucumber

What’s so special?

It’s a homely meal of Vietnamese culture. The pork is cooked just right and the caramel glaze adds a slight touch of sweetness to the savory dish. The rice has strong chicken flavor thanks to the broth and garlic scallion sauce gives that little extra oomph. Each of the pork and rice is flavourful enough to stand on its own but only when its combined that it gives you a burst of wonderful aroma, with the oil carrying garlic and scallion all the way through each bite.

Why we love it?

Beyond the authentic deliciousness lies a great combo deal that comes alongside this com ga dish. You can choose to pair with combo sides from fried spring rolls, garlic buttered wings, potato wedges to papaya salad, and drinks from lemongrass lime soda, Vietnamese beers and coffee. The lime soda is highly recommended, such that you can balance the strong flavours of the dish with the refreshing zest.

Address: G/F, 28 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Opening Hours
Mon-Sun: 12:00-22:00

Pork Belly Brioche Slider at The Fat Pig BY Tom Aikens

What’s in it?

Salted and dry-roasted pork belly brioche served with fermented cabbage

What’s so special?


Tom Aikens, Co-Founder & Executive Chef, reveals that the brioche bun is made with a good strong flour – a mix of butter and pork fat with whole eggs, egg yolks, milk, salt and a little surgar to make them nice and fluffy. The bun is cooked just right, not a second too long.The pork belly is salted beforehand so that it draws out some of the excess water, which will then make it taste better as there is then less water to reduce flavouring. (It also takes away some of the extra fat!) It is dry roasted which means that you also concentrate the flavours and it is not being cooked in any of its fat, so it won’t be greasy or overly rich.

Why we love it?

Not only because this dish is extraordinarily delicious – the bun is nice and fluffy and moist (and rich in protein!) and the pork belly matches perfectly with the humble cabbage – but also because of the dining environment and the décor.

The interior at the Fat Pig gives a comfortable and casual feel, as Tom points out, and they wanted to inject some fun with influences of Hong Kong into the décor, like the green bar tops, the neon signage and the floor that’s meant to look like the top of a butcher’s block.

Address: Map 11/F, Food Forum, Times Square,1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun: 11am – 11pm

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