The Most Delicious Mussels in Hong Kong

The Most Delicious Mussels in Hong Kong

Shell fish will always be plentiful wherever there’s lots of clean water, and the oceans near China fit the bill for all sorts of delicious crustaceans, shell fish, and fish of all kinds. Seafood is also a traditional favourite of the city, and is eaten in many ways. Mussels are also very popular, and in recent times, there’s been lots of European and other influences on how to eat these juicy little shell fish.

The French love them in creamy, garlicky sauce, the Thai’s love them with chilli and coconut, and the Irish simmer them in white wine or even beer. Served with fries, or a hunk of French bread, they’re a delicious treat, and a healthy, low fat one too. So here’s a few more ideas for how you can enjoy them.

1 Mussels Pot @ Lobster & Mussels by Paul’s Kitchen

Lobster & Mussels by Paul's Kitchen | foodpanda Magazine

Lobster & Mussels by Paul’s Kitchen, one of a few seafood restaurants in Hong Kong, have a delicious Mussels Pot with classic wine or creamy sauces.

Address: G/F, 16 Gough St, Central, Hong Kong
Telephone number: +852 2815 8003
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2 Mussels in White Wine @ Scirocco

Scirocco | foodpanda Magazine

Scirocco has Moules in White Wine and Parma Ham, which is a wonderful combination of steamed moules in white wine sauce with garlic, lemon zest, parsley and parma ham, served with toasted French bread.

Address: 10-12 Staunton St, Hong Kong
Telephone number: +852 2973 6605
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3 Cesto di Vongole @ Grappa’s Cellar 歌柏絲意大利餐廳

Grappa's Cellar | foodpanda MagazineSource

Italian restaurant Grappa’s Cellar does great pasta: Try the Cesto di Vongole – Fresh clams with garlic, parsley and special broth, or Cozze In Bianco which are steamed Moules served in garlic and broth. Healthy and incredibly tasty.

Address: Basement 1, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Pl, Central, Hong Kong
Telephone number: +852 2521 2322
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4 Seafood Linguine @ Flying Pig Bistro

Flying Pig Bistro | foodpanda MagazineSource

For pasta lovers, there’s a great Seafood Linguine with squid, shrimps and Moules in marinara sauce, or try the Spring Bay Moules in a white wine saffron cream broth, all served with crusty bread at the Flying Pig Bistro.

Address: 62 High St, Hong Kong
Telephone number: +852 2540 0311
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5 Linguine Alle Vongole @ Oolaa

Oolaa | foodpanda MagazineSource

Or if you just want shellfish, try Linguine Alle Vongole which is Fresh clams, scorched tomatoes and saffron in a garlic and white wine recipe, and a favourite on the Oolaa menu.

Address: Hong Kong, 中環蘇豪必列者士街聚賢居地下舖
Telephone number: +852 2803 2083
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6 Mussels With Thai Red Curry Sauce @ Jaspas

Jaspas | foodpanda MagazineSource

Jaspas has lovely recipe options, including Steamed Fresh Juicy Plump Mussels with white wine cream sauce or in spicy Thai red curry sauce.

Address: 28-30 Staunton St, Central, Hong Kong
Telephone number: +852 2869 0733
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7 Baked Mussels With Chopped Bacon @ Felicita 1929

Felicita 1929 | foodpanda MagazineSource

Felicita 1929 features three recipes; Italian Moules with White Wine Sauce or Baked Moules with chopped Bacon and Onions. Then there’s delicious Clams in Cream Sauce with Spaghetti to try also.

Address: 4G/F, Sun Kai Mansion, 44 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
Telephone number: 2529 3737
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8 New Zealand Blue Mussels @ Fiat Caffé

Fiat Caffé | foodpanda MagazineSource

Italian recipes are always popular, but at the Fiat Caffé they take New Zealand Blue Mussels, which are full of nutients and very healthy, and cook them in Garlic White Wine Sauce, red onions, celery, garlic, red chilli white wine and bread slices.

Address: B/F, B1018 & B1023, Miramar Shopping Centre, 132-134 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Telephone number: +852 2808 4777
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9 Moules Marinara @ K-Town Bar & Grill

K-Town Bar & Grill | foodpanda MagazineSource

At K-Town Bar & Grill they add a touch of glamour to their shell fish, with the addition of Saffron to their Moules Marinara, which are also cooked in garlic, white wine, herbs and fresh tomatoes, and comes with garlic toast. Or perhaps try Linguine Vongole which is sauteed clams tossed in extra-virgin olive oil, fresh garlic with just a shake of chilli.

Address: Shop G7 & G8 G/F Sincere Western House 44-46 Forbes St Kennedy Town H.K., Hong Kong
Telephone number: +852 2855 1368
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10 Classic Marinated Mussels @ Aberdeen Street


At Aberdeen Street they serve their Moules Marinieres in the classic way with shallot, parsley and white wine, with sautéed potatoes on the side.

Address: Shop 1, UG/F King Ho Building, 41-49 Aberdeen Street, Soho, Central
Telephone number: 2546 5833
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Mussels and Shellfish whatever way you like

Versatile, easy to cook and very good for you, Moules and clams are probably one of the tastiest ways to enjoy the fruits of the sea. They lend themselves well to rich creamy sauces, to spicy chilli sauces, to tomato, olive oil, and garlic, as well as just simply grilled with a sprinkle of cheese. Easy to eat and a great light meal, you can have these plump shell fish whatever you want.

Article Written By Team foodpanda

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