Bites! – 3 Pizza Slices in Hong Kong You Must Try

Bites! – 3 Pizza Slices in Hong Kong You Must Try

Living a busy life? Working non-stop and have no time to travel? Well, Hong Kong has its perks of giving you the authentic food of countries you cannot travel to. Take pizza for example. We believe we can only enjoy mouth-watering pizza in Italy. Luckily we have some of the best pizza places in Hong Kong that should be included in your bucket list.

A traditional, well-prepared deep dish Pizza is the food for every season and anytime of the day. Being in Hong Kong where everyone lives a fast life, there are places where you can be served good homemade Pizza dough in a matter of minutes. If you are an afficionado of Pizza deals and have not tried these three locations, you’re seriously missing out.

Paisano’s Hong Kong

Fast service and high demand has lead Pizza company Paisano’s to have more than one branch in Hong Kong. It is spread all around, Discovery Bay, Wan Chai or Central. Paisano’s serves a thin crust New York Style Pizza. The speed of their service blends perfectly with the needs of Hong Kongers. Cheese Pizza galore!

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What are the Pizza toppings?
Freshly cut onion rings forming perfect circles on the pizza making it look more appealing than ever. Then add little mushrooms with some flavour-filled black olives.

What’s the highlight?
How to make Pizza dough that will seperate an average dish from a night-out superstar? Learn from the best: Offering New York Style pizzas with a thin crust, Paisano’s provides the full taste of the Pizza without the dough making it blend. The heavy taste of the ingredients make the pizza’s taste more lasting than ever.

What sets them apart?
The fast service makes it an attractive choice for every busy person in Hong Kong. We get limited time for lunch and it fits perfectly in the short time frame of the lunch break.

Why we love it?
Paisano’s became a popular place to grab Pizza quickly in Hong Kong with its New York Style Theme. The places are small and cosy giving one a homely feel. Plus, the affordable range of items on the menu makes it a choice for people of every lifestyle. The taste and service is worth more than the price one has to pay.

Address: 5 O’Brien Road, Wan Chai.
Follow this link to order from Paisano’s online menu.

Pizza Express HK

Walking around the streets killing time, I came across this big blue sign of Pizza Express. The logo itself caught my attention and I had heard that it is great. “So?” I thought “why not give myself a treat?”

Stepped into the beautiful interior and sat comfortably. I ordered the Parma, one of the popular choices featuring whole wheat Pizza dough, and I had a happy tummy by the end.

Pizza express

What’s in it?
The pizza has prosciutto, ricotta, parmesan (obviously), rosemary and polenta but no mozzarella, which was a little odd.

What’s the highlight?
The lack of mozzarella was different and it made sense as the big slices of pork sitting on top of the pizza were filled with a salty flavour, making the whole combination perfect.Not the best choice for individuals looking for Veggie Pizza, but most definitely worth your time if you love everything meaty.

Pizza express 2

What sets them apart?
The whole interior of the place was the desirable environment for a delicious slice of pizza that is offered by the restaurant itself. It is the to-go place for families or couples, making is a multi-demanding location.

Why we love it?
The experimental styles of the pizzas are something one must try in order to understand. I mean who would want to eat the same style of food everywhere? A risk should be taken every once in while, whether you are a food lover or just a great chef.


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Address: Shop 1203, 12/F Times Square,1,Matheson Street, Causeway Bay.
Order online here.

Café Deco Pizza Hong Kong

It was a shopping day, I was famished when I saw Café Deco from a distant and it called to me. I knew I had to try it. The service of the staff was so friendly, it landed me in ordering the perfect pizza for myself. The Peri peri.

Pizza Peri Peri

What’s in it?
The pizza consists of the perfect combo for my taste buds – Romesco sauce, mozzarella cheese, peri peri chicken, spring onions, bell peppers, onions and homemade Peri Peri aioli.

What’s the highlight?
The peri peri chicken has such a rich taste that lasts on your taste buds and something will keep you asking for more. It is gives you the need to keep demanding for the pizza.

Pizza peri peri chicken

What sets them apart?
The colours of all the ingredients on the newly cooked pizza would draw your eyes to them. They cause a psychological effect of making you content mentally and not only through your stomach.

Why we love it?
It is crucial to have the whole package when enjoying food. Especially being a food-lover. The environment, the food and the service.

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Address: Shop 1005, Elements, Kowloon Station, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Order online here.

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    1. buegl

      Hi Dough – thanks for your comment.
      This article is about the most affordable snacktime pizza slices. Wait a few more days, we have something premium coming up for you!

    2. Jack Lam

      For me Pizza Express is on a different level in terms of ingredients and cooking skill employed than Pizza Hut. Maybe you go to a ton of hidden pizza joints in HK that are better, but I do think Pizza Express is pretty good.
      BTW the other two places are also pretty good too. Pizza is a bit overpriced in HK, especially Pizza Hut and PHD or whatever, which I never eat, but that actually makes the more artisan pizzas seem affordable (twisted view I know).

  1. Rah

    I agree with Doug – places you have covered are very average. HK has much better pizza places and the difference in prices is not much. I would rather pay a small premium and go there.

  2. Raj Nagrani

    The article title only says – “Bites! – 3 Pizza Slices in Hong Kong You Must Try”. I don’t see where it mentions about affordability except as listing it as a “plus” on the paisano’s review and not for the other 2. I have been to Cafe Deco and it is definitely not the most affordable slice around. I think Piccolo’s or checkmate pizza (largest pizza slice in HK) in kennedy town serve up some amazing pizzas and way better then the pizza express franchised process.

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