Top of the Town – Best Breakfast Eggs in HK

Top of the Town – Best Breakfast Eggs in HK

Eggs are a very healthy food choice. They are rich in high-quality protein, a good amount of healthy fats and a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. Eggs are also very filling, making them ideal for the first and most important meal of the day. This makes them great for those who are trying to lose weight because they keep hunger pangs at bay and reduce cravings for snacks. In addition to this, there are so many ways to work with eggs, making it possible to create a wide variety of tasty, healthy egg dishes.
In Hong Kong, you will find a number of restaurants serving egg dishes for breakfast. The following are the places to find the best breakfast eggs in HK:

1. Classified
Choices here include eggs scrambled and served with sourdough toast, eggs served with smoked salmon, white frittata and eggs made with bell peppers and served with tomato sauce. You can have these egg dishes with sides of sausage, avocado, mushrooms and potatoes. Order online.


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2. FAB
FAB is another popular breakfast stop that serves a variety of delicious breakfast eggs. Take your pick from eggs and toast, eggs Benedict, eggs Florentine, Eggs royal or a full breakfast. The Eggs Benedict is made with poached eggs and is served with muffins, bacon, and hollandaise sauce. Eggs Florentine is served with the same accompaniments and spinach instead of bacon as are eggs Royal which has the same add-ons except that is served with smoked salmon rather than spinach. Find more FAB’s breakfast options and order online here.

A full breakfast will keep you going all morning. It comes with two eggs done in a style of your choices, bacon, two sausages, baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast and pan-fried tomatoes.

3. Flying Pan
At the Flying Pan, you will find a variety of healthy egg breakfast option in the Fabulous Flying Combos menu. One of the combos is The Flying Pan which has three eggs, two rashers of bacon, some ham, sausage patty, two side dishes, toast and a small glass of juice.
Another combo is British Fly Up which is a dish of two eggs, bacon, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, black pudding, baked beans, toast and some juice. You can also go for The Full English combo which is similar to the British Fly Up but without the black pudding and with two English sausages. Order online now!

4. GoodDay Cafe
This is the place to have your breakfast any time of the day with All Day Breakfast. It comes with toast, scrambled egg, bacon, sausage, mushroom, cherry tomato salad, baked beans and hash brown. You can also enjoy the cafe’s English Breakfast or a serving of eggs Benedict. Follow this link to find more options and order online.

5. Morrison Cafe
A popular breakfast option here is the English Breakfast which comes in two eggs done in any style, smoked bacon, mushrooms, sausage and a croissant. You can also start your day with the Triple Egg Omelette or the Deluxe Royal which is a breakfast dish of poached eggs, hollandaise, smoked salmon and a British muffin.

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