Top of the Town – Best Lunch Spots for The Planner

Top of the Town – Best Lunch Spots for The Planner

The planners of the world are finally being recognized with dot journals and to do lists all the rage. Our New Years resolutions are still growing don’t get me wrong, but we all know the priority on our daily schedule is the next meal. Between fitness classes, client meetings, happy hour socializing and making sure we are home in time for some puppy cuddles, getting on track and knowing where and when to get the next bowl of fresh and healthy goodness within the busy town is key. I’ve been on a mission to get the best of the best meals that will keep my #healthgoals in check while being on top of my daily commitments. Check out my top three picks for those who plan their meals extra carefully.

Spice Box Organics

Hearty Brunch Box (i)

All senses come alive as soon as the doors open to this healthy living, organic eating store to restaurant double act. With classic tunes booming over the loud speakers and the smell of natural ingredients filling up the room in an aromatic flurry, one could justify spending an entire day within the walls of Spice Box Organics just to get a gander of all the products on offer.

Hearty Brunch Box

Looking through the selection of premade meals, I couldn’t help myself but go for the full monty and order the Hearty Brunch Box ($148), a 3 course meal in itself. Presented on a pretty wicker table mat with my very own pepper grinder making me feel quite the VIP, out came the chickpea salad, a mix of cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cucumber and cauliflower stirred up in curry powder to give it that extra kick. Already the thoughts that there was more to come vanished from my mind as I noshed down the dish in one big inhale.

On the side came a tofu and mushroom roll and one large samosa, filled with a variety of spices that amped up the heat and started a good old fashioned vegan party in my mouth (that is a thing, right?). This was all served with a balsamic reduction that left me lusting for more. One pot of dipping sauce to go please!

Address: Shop 1, G/F, Golden Valley Mansion, 137 Caine Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong
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HOME – Eat to Live


Popped right in the heart of the busy district, just beside the famous mid-levels escalator and close by to sports shops galore, is HOME – Eat To Live, the vegan concept store. Offering vegan, gluten free and raw options, along with a number of healthy desserts and organic cocktails, this two story eatery has a little something for everyone. The leaves hanging from the rafters and colourful seating areas bring customers on an out of Hong Kong experience for their eco-friendly dinner.


Wraps and burgers tempt the tongue, but I opted for the Quagga salad, boasting a vibrant arrangement of colourful component, standing tall in a clean white bowl. While I chose the smaller portion, the challenge still stood as to whether I’d be able to finish it all, and I certainly gave it my best shot.

The meal was full of contrasts, from the blend of sweet and salty in the curried nuts and dried cranberries stacked on top, to the sweet taste of the romaine lettuce cutting through the bitter kale leaves, and finally, the crispy quinoa soaked up the creamy dressing to create and all in all wholesome and hearty bite. To complete the meal, consider pairing the salad with a glass of fresh homemade lemonade, or perhaps transport yourself to a beach in an exotic land with the juice of a whole coconut.

Address: Shop G01 & 101, Nexxus Building, 77 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong
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Just Salad

Pesto Chicken Paradise w/ balsamic and olive oil dressing

Located right underneath IFC shopping mall, premade and cater made salads are being prepared for busy commuters on their breaks. Surrounded by a diverse selection of food joints, Just Salad stands out right as you come down the escalator from the Airport Express and smiling faces are ready to greet you for a quick stop before heading right back up to the offices nearby.


With classic combos to rather exotic selections, there’s a choice to everyone. I decided to try out the Pesto Chicken Paradise ($71) with a base of peppery arugula and mesclun leaf mix, broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, almond slices and red onion. Plenty of dressings are on display to be mixed up in the plastic container, but followed the salad’s very carefully thought out suggestion and opted with the olive oil and balsamic dressing to add a zingy acidity to my lunch.

The large guilt free portion was the perfect way to fill me up and the quick service meant I could get right back to my to do list for the day.

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Address: Concession HOK 65 (Escalator access from IFC), Hong Kong
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Kate Allen |
Contributing Editor

Having lived in Hong Kong for 22 years, Kate’s appetite for discovering hot new places has only been encouraged by the city’s obsession with food – and through eating all of it! Keeping up may be a challenge but it’s one she’s willing to take. Have a laugh with her on Twitter @kaate852.


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