Bites!- 3 great burgers you must try in Hong Kong

Bites!- 3 great burgers you must try in Hong Kong

What if I told you to think of something that is delicious and suitable for all ages, what would your answer be? Well, the answer is burgers. Yes, they are everywhere, all around us and we love them. However, it does get difficult to find a great burger place because of the same reason. Good news, I know three of the must-go places.

1 Big Fernand

The French burger workshop that pays attention to the freshness of the ingredients and adds spectacular homemade sauces and spices to make the experience unique in itself.

Big Fernand 1

What’s in it?

Order the burger of your choice. I got the L’alphonse as I had to satisfy my cravings for lamb. I added fries and a bottle of traditional French lemonade with that. The burger has a perfect patty of lamb, add tomme de savoie cheese on top of that, then grilled eggplant, coriander and we cannot forget the tonton Fernand sauce (homemade sweet mayonnaise) to top things up.

What’s the highlight?

The seasoning is up-to mark for one who has demanding taste buds. Myself, I always need some type of sauce but the large bottle of Tabasco was not touched while I was at that table. I was totally surprised. Plus, the fries with the twist of spice are remarkable. Instead of using the same old predictable seasonings, they use numerous of their homemade seasonings and sauces.

Big Fernand 2

What sets them apart?

Everyone has different preferences and sometimes ordering a burger can be a pain because you might not like the eggplant in one and the tomatoes in the other. At Big Fernand, you can pick the ingredients of your burger and only add the ones that are perfect for you. Hence, your very own Big Fernand burger.

Why we love them?

The whole atmosphere of Big Fernand adds to the delicious burgers. Sit on the high stool with the wooden table, yellow light and add friendly staff to serve you. It is like having a little bit of France in IFC.

Big Fernand

Address: Shop 2017,2/F, IFC Mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central.
Order online here.
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/BigFernandHongKong

2 Mana!

Mana is the answer to the prayers of the people who want to eat healthily and have no intentions of compromising on taste. I tried it a while back when my friend ordered it for me, I had no idea what it was but I trust her so I had it and did not realize it was pure vegetarian until I had eaten more than half of it. It was so delicious.

What’s in it?

I ordered the burger combo because I am in love with their burgers. The burger has haloumi, tofu, roasted vegetables, portobello mushrooms and pickled cucumber. For me, that already sounds great, but there is more! The combo also includes hand-cut potatoes in sea salt. You can choose a dip of your choice from ketchup, garlic mayonnaise, tahini or chipotle bbq. Plus, you can also add an omelet or egg to your burger if you desire. I know I love egg.

Burger Circus

What’s the highlight?

You will only understand once you taste the food. It promotes health and you will wonder why you did not try it earlier. Everything is fresh as it can come and all dishes make you crave for more.

What sets them apart?

The whole idea of Mana is not just to keep our body clean but also the world around us. Every single material used at Mana is recyclable and can go back to the soil. Their aim is not just to earn profit but also to make sure we are not harming the earth.

Why we love it?

Mana does not only provide great food but also the appropriate environment to enjoy it. The slow soothing music and the positive quotes all around you giving you the best vibes. They also have a big scrap book where anyone can leave comments, reviews or just draw something.

Mana! Fast Slow Food Salad Box

Address: 92 Wellington Street, Central.
Order online here.
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ManaFastSlowFood

3 Burger Circus

Want to go back to 19th century? This is an American diner with train carriage theme. It is the best place to take little kids for an adventure and we know there is a kid is all of us regardless of our age. Other than the unique style of diner, the burgers are the cherry on the top.

What’s in it?

Sit, take in the environment and grab the menu, order. I got the flame swallower as the name suggests, I am a fan of spice. I also ordered the circus burger. The flame swallower has spicy chicken, hot sauce marinade, Wisconsin cheddar, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing and is good. The circus burger has a more unique look with beef patty, savory onions, Wisconsin cheddar, lettuce tomato, Circus sauce and crispy bacon. The crispy bacon and mouthwatering beef made it my top choice.

What’s the highlight?

The circus burger has the bacon sticking out of the burger like it is showing authority over the whole burger. It does make sense when you actually take a bite, the bacon is crispy to the point and all the ingredients create heaven in your mouth that your tongue will not forget.
Burger Circus

What sets them apart?

Is it not obvious? The interior is remarkable. It is something you do not get a glimpse of before you actually get in the glass door. However, once you step into the diner, the whole décor tempts you to spare some time and sit on the wooden benches.

Why we love it?

Who does not want a place where you can bring children and expect them to stay calm because they love the place just as much as you due to the train experience?

Address: 22 Hollywood Road, Central
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/burgercircushk
Follow this link to find the finest burger spots delivering to your neighbourhood.

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