Top of the Town – Chicken Curry

Top of the Town – Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry, the comfort food of the world. That smooth, creamy sauce, home to large chunks of chicken and veg seasoned to perfection and served with rice, naan, chips or whatever the feeling of the night is. Across the globe countries have taken this classic dish and transformed and adapted it into a favourite for all the family. Whether you are a chaser of the hottest dish in the city, or fancy a lighter option accompanied with naans, parathas, dosas or just rice, we are sure to find the right place for you. Ever get that craving you just can’t quite put your finger on? Well that is what has sent this hungry panda out of the town to find the city’s best chicken curry. Yum!

House of Curry

Ceylon Chicken Curry

chicken curry house of curry hong kong
What’s in it?
Using a blend of their original chicken curry sauce mixed with sugar, peppers, milk and other secret spices to make if softer and much, much spicier! The helpful waiter was sure to ask whether we were aware that what we were ordering contained a lot of heat and whether we were up to the challenge. We were recommended to get a dishes of plain steam rice along with their homemade paratha to enjoy a long side the chicken curry.

What is the secret?
Bustling with friends, family and regulars, the restaurant is keen to provide authentic flavours and whole, homely experience. The meals are separated in their trays after having been roasted, simmered, steamed and baked for hours before serving. The glass display case teases the grumbling bellies as you struggle to choose which bits to consume.

What sets them apart?
Chungking mansions is a famous building in Hong Kong containing plenty of guesthouses and hostels where young travellers come to stay as their Hong Kong adventure. The mall is full of little shops selling clothing, snacks and watches, while the smell of the food stalls lingers in the air. That cartoon feeling of being lifted off your feet and drifting towards the canteen is definitely there!

Address: Shop 48, G/F. Chung King Mansion 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tiger Curry

Grilled Chicken Curry Rice

tiger chicken curry
What’s in it?
We first must comment on the menu, four layers of choices, build your own plate? Yes please. Choose between rice and noodles, followed by a selection of meats, veggies and extra goodies, spice level and finally curry sauce. Did I forget to mention the most exciting choice of all, what jumps atop your rice. Onsen egg, sunny side up, extra curry, sweetcorn, how about melted cheese? We decided to go for the egg omelette which perfectly conceals the fluffy white rice underneath

What is the secret?
Unlike Indian curries, Japanese curries contain a sweeter taste. While still definitely spicy and getting us to scramble for more water, the thick sauce is absorbed into the chicken and heightens each flavour. The chicken curry is presented with a crispy skin, permitting a precise crunch to chew ratio in each bite.

What sets them apart?
Japanese restaurants always have the element of pizzazz. Walk in to the hosts, chefs and even sometimes the customers shouting out in unison to welcome you to your seats. Luckily we arrived early as the queues started appearing on the street and those awaiting their curries were struggling to keep their salivating subtle.

Address: G/F, 14 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TigerCurryHongKong

New Curry Pot

Chicken Curry

new curry chicken curry
What’s in it?
Boneless chicken marinated for hours before being stirred into the zesty gravy and simmered until the meat just falls apart. While there is a wide variety of curry sauce choices, from the hot Jalfrezi to the British favourite, Masala, we opted for the classic chicken curry which, while still full of exciting tastes, was very low of the spice-o-meter.

What is the secret?
The restaurant is actually run by a mix of Indian and Nepalese chefs, combining the best of both culinary styles and introducing a range of spices that bring out the finest of every meal. The food is all homemade, being stewed for lengthy periods of time before serving hot to happy customers.

What sets them apart?
As it was a quiet evening, we had a lovely chat with the hostest who spoke very modesty about the venue, which was eloquently ornamented, with traditional décor and confortable seating. The surrounding Chinese and Japanese restaurants were suggestive of the wide diversity in the area, which is out of the way of the busy Central street. She suggested drinking Indian beer to compliment the food and was kind enough to give us an extra lamb curry to give us a taste of what they had to offer.

Address: G/F, 10 Hoi Ning Street, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/newcurrypot/

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